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Season 1

Anson Collier

Richard Kelton
stars in The Foundling

Anson Collier has given up hope on giving his daughter Holly the help she needs. He stubbornly believes that the best thing for her is to be given to the orphanage but when he learns that she can communicate through sign language his heart softens and he glad to has his whole family together again.

Ruth Collier

Charlotte Stewart
stars in The Foundling

Ruth Collier is being forced by her husband Anson to give up their deaf daughter. She leaves her daughter Holly on the Walton doorstep believing that they will offer a better life for her than an orphanage.

Holly Collier

Erica Hunton
stars in The Foundling

Holly is a little girl who is deaf. At first she is emotionally detached from people but when the Walton's teach her sign language she begins to embrace the people around her.

Pete Harris

Gino Conforti
stars in The Carnival

Pete Harris is a clown with the carnival troupe that has been left unpaid and behind by a unscrupulous manager. He helps his friends to figure a way to get back on their feet and find a way to Chicago for their next performance.

Tommy Trimble

Billy Barty (1924–2000)
stars in The Carnival

Timmy Trimble is a little person who has various skills as a carnival entertainer. He gives John-Boy a copy of Moby Dick.

Actor Billy Barty is well known for various roles in movies like Willow and Legend.


Barbara Davis
stars in The Carnival

Belle is a tight rope walker that wonders if she missed something in being settled downwith a family by choosing life on the road instead.


John Harper
aka Kelton Garwood
stars in The Carnival

Marco is the Magician of the troupe. Actor Kelton Garwood was skillled in magic as well.


Michael Rupert
stars in The Boy From the C.C.C.

Gino has fled a C.C.C camp but he hasn't escaped his troubled past. The Waltons help to correct his course and turn his life around.

Cousin Polonius Baldwin

Iggie Wolfington
stars in The Star

Polonius has arrived on the doorstep of his cousins, Miss Maimie and Miss Emily Baldwin. He schemes to make it rich on a metorite than has crashed into their "recipe" room. He soon discovers that their is more money to be made stealing and selling their moonshine.

Professor Mann

Noah Keen
stars in The Ceremony

Professor Mann has moved his family from Germany where they had experienced hate crimes against jews leading up to the war. In an attempt to protect his family he forbids them from practicing or acknowledging their Jewish heritage.

Eva Mann

Ellen Geer
stars in The Ceremony

Eva Mann supports her husband's desire to protect his family but not at the cost of losing her son. Actress Ellen Geer is the daughter of Will Geer. (Grandpa Walton)

Paul Mann

Radamas Pera
stars in The Ceremony

Paul is about to turn 13 and does not want to miss his Bar mitvah. He defies his father who's fear has caused him to lose touch with what is important in life.

Radamas Pera played the role of Young Caine in the 1970's Kung Fu series. He also had a recurring role on Little House on the Prairie

Tip Harrison

James Antonio
stars in The Legend

Tip Harrison is a old war buddy of John Walton's who is lost in the glory days of his past. He has not settled down and lives off of the generosity of others. He constantly seeks validation and demands to be the centre of attention. Through a series of misphaps Tip comes to learn that maybe it's time to deal with reality and start leaving in the present.


David Huddleston
stars in The Literary Man

A.J. "Andy" is an itinerant writer who travels from place to place collecting experiences and telling tall stories to impress that are borrowed from other writers he has met. He finds himself on Walton's Mountain and helps in some ways with his worldly knowledge but he also prevents John-Boy from getting the work done that supports the family. A.J. desires to settle down and buy a small home for himself but uses the money from the sale of his cherished pocket watch to help the Walton's cover the loss of a lumber contract and Jim-Bob's apendectomy.


David Huddleston also played the role of Sheriff Bridges in "The Homecoming".

Ham Denby

Warren Vanders
stars in The Dust Bowl Cousins

Ham Denby brings his family from the the Dust Bowl in the west and back east to stay at his wife's relatives, The Walton's while he waits for word for a potential job in Norfolk. He and his son have a shoplifting for food routine worked out. After a month of living off the Walton's tensions come to head but not before Ham tries to figure out a way of getting his hands on a piece of the Walton's land.

Cora Denby

Jay MacIntosh
stars in The Dust Bowl Cousins

Cora Denby is a cousin of John Walton's. She tries to do right for her family but is oblivious of what her son and husband get up to to keep food on their table. She and her family are victims of the Depression and Dust Bowl

Joe Denby

Ken Wolger
stars in The Dust Bowl Cousins

Joe Denby is a young man who has grown up to be a trouble maker. His father has taught him to become skilled in the art of survival and he meets his match in John-Boy who challenges him in the choices he makes.

Cousin Homer Lee Baldwin

Denver Pyle
stars in The Reunion

Homer Lee has come back to visit the Baldwin sisters after a 20 year absence from Buckingham County. When the sisters decide that a family reunion is in order he uses the opportunity to abscond with all of the Baldwin's bootleg "recipe".

Denver Pyle is best known for playing Uncle Jesse on The Dukes of Hazzard.

Jamie "The Minstrel"
Peter Hooten
stars in The Minstrel

Jaime is a travelling Minstel who comes to Walton's Mountain looking for Appalachian folk songs. Mary Ellen takes a interest in him and all the travels he has experienced.

Alvira Drummond
Pippa Scott
stars in The Actress

Alvira Drummond finds herslf on Walton's Mountain after her car breaks down.

Jenny Pendleton
Jenny Pendleton
Sian Barbara Allen
stars in The Love Story

Jenny Pendleton starts up a quick romance with John-Boy but it is short lived as her father has decided to move away. Jenny returns though the following year to see John-Boy again.

Actress Sian Barbara Allen in fact did have a short releationship with actor Richard Thomas that was the talk of the town. (Read about it here.) She was also a bit of a "It girl" in the early seventies but disappeared from the limelight a short time later.

Dave PendletonDave
Gordon Rigsby
stars in The Love Story

Dave Pendleton moved his daughter away after his wife died. When his daughter comes back to the old home after he remarries Dave has to come looking for her.


Eula PendletonEula
Diane Shalet
stars in The Love Story

Eula is Dave Pendleton's new wife. She must figure out a way to be accepted in her role but his daughter Jenny.


Cody Nelson
Cody Nelson
Eduard Franz (1902–1983)
stars in The Courtship

Cody Nelson is Olivia's uncle. When the bank where he works in Cincinatti is closed down he comes to stay with the Waltons for a while. He meets Cordelia Hunnicut who has been divorced 4 times. The family is weary of her at first but they quickly marry he brings her back to Ohio.

Cordelia HunnicutCordelia
Danna Hansen (1921–2012)
stars in The Courtship

Cordelia Hunnicut has been divorced 4 times but it seems that her 5th marriage to Cody Nelson might be the marriage to last.

The GypsiesGypsies
Gregory Sierra as Volta
Celia Lovsky
as Zena
Barry Miller
as Craska
Karen Kondan as Franzia
Victor Argo
as Zvelei

stars in The Gypsies

The gypsies are a family that becomes stranded when their wagon breaks down near the Baldwin's home. When their baby becomes sick with the flu they learn to trust the Waltons who help nurse the baby back to health.

Curtis NortonCurtis Norton
Ned Beatty
stars in The Bicycle

Curtis Norton is a local Blacksmith who is in love with Ann Harris. He enlists the help of john-Boy to help him write love letters to her. A plan that back fires when she finds out.


Ned Beatty is a well known Hollywood actor whos memorable movies include Superman and Deliverance.

Ann HarrisAnn Harris
Ivy Jones
stars in The Bicycle

Ann is being romanced by Curtis Norton but she is disappointed to learn that the love letters that she has received are not written by him. She soon changes her mine when she learns that even actors don't use their own words in the parts they play.

Sarah SimmondsSarah
Sissy Spacek
stars in The Townie

Sarah Jane Simmonds is an overly protected young girl being raised by her widowed mother. When John-Boy asks her out to see a movie it releases a wild streak that results in a close brush with death for Sarah.


In one of her very first roles Sissy Spacek would go on to become a big name in Hollywood with the movie Carrie and Coal Miner's Daughter.

Teddy Claypool Jr.
Ted Claypool
Nicholas Hammond
stars in The Townie

Theodore Albert Claypool Jr. is a rich man's son who is a cocky show-off who tries to run off and marry Sarah Jane Simmonds, a poor country girl.


Nicholas Hammond played the role of Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound of Music and he also played Peter Parker in 1977-79 TV series The Amazing Spider-Man.


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