Ep.23 - The Townie

  Original Airdate: March 8, 1973
Writer: Richard Fielder
Director: Jack Shea


  "I will never forget the first time I took a girl to a motion picture show. Her name was Sarah and she lived on the other side of Walton's Mountain in a little backwoods hollow, and what happened was more astonishing to me than anything I could have imagined if I had tried to write a story about such an innocent pleasure."


  John-Boy takes Sarah Jane Simmonds, an overly protected school friend to her first picture show. As they leave the movie theatre they meet Teddy Claypool Jr. who recognizes Sarah Jane and he tries to impress her. He has a newspaper article about how she was a runner up at a debate and he also knows that she won a Bible verse competition. Both John-Boy and Ted's girlfriend date some jealousy over Ted's interest towards Sarah. On the way home Sarah shares strong feelings for John-Boy. He is surprised by her sudden aggressiveness. When she doesn't get the results she is looking for she asks John-Boy when he will become a John-Man. John-Boy figures that her actions are most likely the immature thoughts of a overly protected girl. She storms off when they get back to her house.

  Sarah then begins to date Ted Claypool. He brings Sarah over to the Walton's home in his fancy Coupe LaSalle. When he goes to leave he drives over Elizabeth's toy boat and gets a flat tire. John-Boy reluctantly offers to help him change the tire but Ted snobbishly turns down his initial offer. Sarah feels that Ted is her way out from her back water life. As they finally prepare to leave Sarah's mother arrives by horse and buggy to take her home away from Ted Claypool. She had read Sarah's diary and learned all about what her daughter has been up to. Later Sarah stops by to talk with John-Boy before running off to marry Ted. John-Boy chases after her in his father's truck. When Sarah's Mother and Ted's father arrives at the Walton's home looking for their children Olivia gives them both a piece of her mind for their poor parenting. John-Boy finds Ted and Sarah after their car had rolled over in a gully. They are reasonably okay but Ted tries to take Sarah away in the Walton's truck. Ted's father arrives in time to put an end to his immature actions.

Secondary Story:

  Jim-Bob finds a Mallard ducks egg and brings it to Grandpa who suggests that he keep it warm under his armpit. The duckling hatches and Grandpa names it Jim-Bob Jr.


  "I was not to be the husband that Sarah wished for, but we remained the best of old friends into our adult years, and when I think of her now, I remember those pebbles we tossed into the pond that day, and how the widening circles touched and intertwined reaching out together toward the far shore. Like a family who's love touched another human being and helped carry her to the far shore of womanhood."

Episode Notes and Interesting Facts:


Additional Cast:


Guest Stars: Sissy Spacek (Sarah Simmonds), Allyn Ann McLerie (Mrs. Simmonds) with: Tami Bula (Marcia Woolery), Mariclaire Costello (Miss Hunter), Nicholas Hammond (Theodore Claypool Jr.), John Myhers (Theodore Claypool), Bill McLean (Mr. Purdy), Kelly Yagerman (Amanda), Mike McGaughy (Homer), John Crawford (Sheriff Bridges)


Music from this episode:

  Intro theme to the episode

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