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    Original Airdate: March 30, 1997
Writer: Julie Sayres
Director: Bill Corcoran



Starring: Ralph Waite (John); Richard Thomas (John-Boy); Jon Walmsley (Jason); Judy Norton Taylor (Mary Ellen); Mary Beth McDonough (Erin); Eric Scott (Ben); David Harper (Jim Bob); Kami Cotler (Elizabeth); Sydney Walsh (Aurora Jameson); Kate McNeil (Janet Walton)

Special Appearance: Ellen Corby as Grandma Walton

Special Guest Stars: Tony Becker (Drew), Peter Crombie (Calvin Weeks), Zachary Eginton (Jimmy Weeks), Lynn Hamilton (Verdi Grant), Lisa Harrison (Toni Walton), Jennifer Parsons (Rebecca Weeks) and Mary Jackson (Miss Emily Baldwin), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie Baldwin)

Co-Starring: Nicholas Hormann (Lincoln Terry), Brittany Levenbrown (Susan)

Featuring: Sage Allen (Judy), Julie Benz (Jeannie), Mika Boorem (Carla), Orlando Brown, Brooke Garrett, Kyla Pratt, Patrick Tyler, Charles Walker, Joe Whipp, Carmen Twillie


"The Moon walk was an epic moment in our history, a day that changed the world, and that same year my own world was about to change as well. What was waiting on Waltons Mountain wasn't quite a walk on the moon, but to me it was just as momentous."


John-Boy and his expectant wife, Janet, come to the mountain for a visit, and increasingly Janet begins to realize that John-Boy doesn't want to return to city life. Teaching at school, Olivia is worried about one of her pupils whose father is deliberately discouraging his studies. On her return home from abroad, Drew announces to Elizabeth that he has found love elsewhere.


  "My mother had to wait just a little longer to finally see the ocean, and my children came into the world on the mountain where generations of Waltons had been born and raised before them. I learned that the love I received from my family as a boy on Waltons Mountain would serve me well in the years to come, no matter where I lived."

Episode Notes:

  • At the beginning of the movie John-Boy appears on Channel 8 News reporting on the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon on July 20, 1969. However, the setting for the movie is Easter in 1969. Easter occurred on April 6, over three months BEFORE the historic Moon landing.
  • In "The Anniversary" (s6-ep17) John and Olivia celebrate their 25th anniversary. The previous episode "The Festival" occurs during the spring of 1940. According to this information, John and Olivia should have celebrated their 40th anniversary in the spring of 1955, and their 54th anniversary in the year 1969.
  • Jason and Toni now have four children named after country-western singers: Roy Acuff Walton, Merle Haggard Walton, Patsy Cline Walton, and Loretta Lynn Walton.
  • It is mentioned that Mary Ellen has three children. It is assumed that these children are John-Curtis, Clay, and Katie.
  • Ben's wife (Cindy) and children are not mentioned in this movie. From past episodes Ben and Cindy had two natural children (Virginia and Charles Benjamin). Virginia has died, but the couple had planned to adopt (according to the previous movie). No further mention was made of this adoption.
  • Erin has three children according to the previous movie. In this movie a child (Susan) was mentioned. It is assumed she is Erin's daughter. The other two children's names have not been mentioned.
  • Erin is the principal of the Walton's Mountain Elementary School. Olivia is teaching a grade school class within the school. Olivia's granddaughter (Susan) is one of her students in the class.
  • John was twenty years old and Olivia was eighteen years old when they married.

Additional Credits:

  Music: Patrick Williams Edited by David Campling A.C.E. Production Designer: Jim Hulsey Director of Photography: Bert Dunk A.S.C. Produced by Sam Manners Based Upon Characters Created by Earl Hamner. Lee Rich (Executive Producer), Earl Hamner (Executive Producer), Rich Heller (Executive Producer), Max Stein (Unit Production Manager), Jerry Grandey (First Assistant Director), David Larson (Second Assistant Director), Barbara Miller C.S.A. (Executive In Charge Of Casting), Theodore S. Hann C.S.A. (Casting), Warren Welch (Set Decorator), Mike Schenke (Property Master), John Inzerella (Key Make-Up Artist), Diane Roberson (Key Hair Stylist), Mina Mittleman (Key Costumer), Melisa Sanchez (Script Supervisor), Mark Ulano (Sound Mixer), Lori Slomka (Music Editor), Stephen Grubbs (Supervising Sound Editor), John F. Reiner C.A.S. (Re-Recording Mixer), David M. Weishaar C.A.S. (Re-Recording Mixer), Andre Caporaso C.A.S. (Re-Recording Mixer), Eagle Point Productions, Amanda Productions in association with, Warner Bros. Television. © 1996 Warner Bros. Television.

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