Ep.8 - The Boy from the C.C.C.

  Original Airdate: November 2, 1972
Writer: William Welch
Director: Harry Harris


  "There was beauty on Waltons Mountain at any time of the year, but looking back the time I treasure most is Spring, when the days were growing longer and the promise of Summer was ahead. They were the kind of days made for dreaming, but being the oldest of seven children during the Depression didn't leave much time for daydreams. I remember a morning in the 1930s when I had been sent to oversee the buying of a pair of shoes for my youngest sister Elizabeth."




John-Boy, Mary-Ellen and Elizabeth are walking home from buying new shoes for Elizabeth. When Reckless chases a coon into the woods, John-Boy has a run in with a young runaway named Gino who has tried to capture the coon for something to eat. They invite Gino back to the house for some food. Elizabeth names the sick raccoon “Pete” and brings him home in hopes of nursing him back to health. The family tries to get to know Gino but he wears a protective layer and reveals very little about himself.

  One night Gino watches as Olivia hides the $5 into her savings jar on a shelf in the kitchen. He breaks into the locked house to steal the money after she goes to bed but John catches him red handed. Pete the raccoon dies . When Elizabeth runs away to cry Gino tries to explain to her about death and opens up about his difficult upbringing. John and the family overhears the conversation and when Sheriff Bridges arrives John has a change of heart and decides to not turn Gino in for stealing. Gino then makes the decision to return to the CCC camp after the experiences he had living with the Walton's.

Secondary Story:


Jim-Bob tries his hand at making some money by trying to sell blueing (fabric & hair dye) to the Baldwin ladies.


  "For a while after he left Gino used to write to us, at first from the CCC camp, and later from New York City where he returned when the Depression was over. Today where the CCC camp once stood is a National Park, and in Autumn when the leaves are gold and russet and lemon yellow and apple red, people drive for hundreds of miles to refresh their souls and their spirit with beauty."

Episode Notes and Interesting Facts:

  • C.C.C. stands fro Civilian Conservation Corps

Additional Cast:


Guest Stars: Michael Rupert (Gino) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey)



Music from this episode:

  Jason plays "Red River Valley" for the funeral of Pete the Racoon


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