Ep.13 - The Reunion

  Original Airdate: December 14, 1972
Writer: Earl Hamner Jr.
Director: Jack Shea


  "Walton's Mountain had been in our family for generations, a silent witness to all the bright and wonderful days I knew as a boy. If mountains remember events then surely it must treasure as I do the memory of that day during the Depression when my sister Mary Ellen got into a fight after school and the events that followed."


  Mary-Ellen is fighting boys at school again in an attempt to defend Jim-Bob who is wearing a hand-me -down blouse that his mother tried to turn into a shirt for him. At home John-Boy notices that his mother could use some help with doing the laundry so he negotiates a low price to buy a second hand washing machine from Ike. The Baldwin sisters overhear his need to raise money for the machine and offer to hire him to help run errands and deliver supplies as they prepare for a family reunion. Their cousin Homer Lee has arrived after 20 years they they intend to reunite of the Baldwins to celebrate.

John-Boy tries to hide his new job from his mother who doesn't approve of the ladies and their bootleg whiskey recipe. Homer Lee though has convinced them to make a large batch of the “Recipe” for the reunion but instead he has other plans for the whiskey.


He devises a plan to take the sisters to Charlotteville to see their first talking picture show. John-Boy and Grandpa get caught up in the affair as well and when they don't come home for dinner John and Olivia go searching for them. Meanwhile cousin Homer excuses himself from seeing the picture show and brings a batch of the “Recipe” to his friend Daisy Burgess. They make a plan to clear the sisters out of their stock for their own profit. When Grandpa and John-Boy return home Sheriff Bridges is waiting for them. He suspects that Homer Lee is up to no good and asks John-Boy to keep an eye on him.

While John-Boy is running an errand Homer Lee steals the Walton's truck and all the Miss Mamie & Miss Emily's "Recipe". The sisters become even more despondent when they learn that most of their invitations have been returned due to death or unknown address. John-Boy sees the look of despair and knows how to fix the situation. He asks his family to help lift their spirits and a celebration does indeed take place at the Baldwin residence. Due to his efforts helping the sisters John-Boy is able to pay for the washing machine which thrills his mother and family to no end.


  "When we were living through them we called them bad times and thought that we were poor. Only after we had all grown up were we to realise what good times they had been and how very rich we were. Often in memory I return to that house and to the echoes of those voices."

Episode Notes and Interesting Facts:

  • The Baldwins would host another failed attempt to bring their clan together in the series finale "The Revel" (s9-ep21) written by Hamner's son Scott.
  • First reference to Miss Fanny Tatum, the Walton's Mountain phone operator.
  • According to Emily Baldwin, Ashley Longworth had nice cheek bones where as Miss Maime preferred his green eye and blue eye.
  • Ike teaches John-Boy how to use the phone

Additional Cast:


Guest Stars: Denver Pyle (Homer Lee Baldwin) with: Mary Jackson (Emily Baldwin), Helen Kleeb (Mamie Baldwin), John Crawford (Sheriff Bridges), Adele Clair (Daisy Burgess), Iler Rasmussen (Frank Winston)


Music from this episode:

  Grandpa and the Baldwin ladies sing
  Grandpa, John-Boy and the Baldwins sing "Springtime in the Rockies"
  The Waltons and the Baldwins sing "Let me call you Sweetheart"


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