Songs and period correct music played a vital role in the realism and texture of the series.

Listen to orchestral themes written by composers Jerry Goldsmith and Alexander Courage as well as the music and songs as performed by the characters on the show.

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Season 5

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The First Edition

  Theme as run away car crashes into a front window of a shop in Rockfish
  Two themes
  Three themes
  One theme

The Vigil

  Theme heard while John-Boy prints his newspapers

The Comeback

  Jason plays "Roll Out the Barrel" when he auditions at the Dew Drop Inn
  Jason plays "Baby" at the Dew Drop Inn
  Jason plays the Hoedown song at the Dew Drop Inn
  Jason has a hard time getting out of bed the next morning
  Theme heard as company arrives
  Common scene change theme
  Theme heard while Jason waits to speak to Red Turner
  Jason plays "Beautiful Dreamer" on the recorder that Seth Turner made for him
  John takes Red to the Dew Drop Inn, Jason plays the saloon piano and then John wobbles back home after having a few
  Jason plays "Oh My Darling, Clemintine" at the Dew Drop Inn
  Jason plays "The Ironing Board Blues" at the Dew Drop Inn
  Red Turner (Merle Haggard) sings "Nobody's Darling"
  Red Turner and Jason play "Beautiful Dreamer" and some blues

The Baptism

  The church choir sings "Stand Up For Jesus"
  The choir sing "Shall We Gather at the River"
  The choir sings a hymn at the river

The Firestorm

  Zuleika Dunbar performs a number from the old days for Zeb
  Jason plays the piano while Erin shows the family her 1910 style bathing suit
  Jason and fellow bandmates play music for the beauty pageant
  The Jefferson County Days event goers sing "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny"
  Reverend Fordwich leads the crowd in singing the hymn "Faith of Our Fathers"

The Night Walker

  Theme heard while Ike hangs a sign for his new rental hall
  Uneasy theme for the prowler
  Jason plays "The Lullaby of Broadway" on the piano while Ben, Erin and Elizabeth dance
  Grandpa sings a song about "The Lady in Red"
  Jason practices with his band in the barn while the prowler lurks outside
  Jason Walton and the Rhythm Kings play at the dance

The Wedding

  Jason and the Rhythm Kings play background music at the engagement party
  Jim-Bob takes Pasty Brimmer for a ride on Blue the mule
  Jason and the Rhythm Kings perform dance music at the fundraising dance. Tunes include: As Time Goes By, We're In The Money, You Do Something To Me
  Corabeth sings the Wedding Hymn during the rehersal for the service

The Cloudburst

  Instrumental theme when John-Boy discovers the hydralic mining operation
  The church congregation sings "Call Of Yonder" on top of the mountain

The Great Motorcycle Race

  Instrumental theme when Elizabeth walks to Ike's store
  Jim-Bob takes Patsy Brimmer for a spin in Ike's sidecar
  Jim-Bob tries some daredevil stunts on the motorcycle which upsets his Mama
  Common scene transition theme
  Ike and Corabeth leave to accept their new adopted child
  Music played for the crowd prior to the motorcycle race.
  Jim-Bob finishes third in the race

The Pony Cart

  Jason practises the piano while the family cleans the living room
  Instrumental theme as Martha Corrine paints the pony cart

The Best Christmas

  Jason practices the organ at church and Maude Gormley, Zeb and Esther sing "Jingle Bells"
  John, Rev. Fordwich, Ike and Jason sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" while fixing the roof of the church.
  The family sings "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"

The Last Mustang

  Theme heard while the Waltons do yard work prior to the arrival of Glen Oldfield
  2 themes heard when news that the mustang has been captured
  Glen Oldfield sings and plays the piano at a tea put on by the Baldwin ladies
  Common theme used while the Waltons prepare the brand the wild mustang

The Rebellion

  Zelda Maynard plays the church organ for Rev. Fordwich
  Theme music during the church picnic
  Grandma discovers that Olivia is getting her hair permed by Corabeth
  Zeb asks to talk with Zelda about sharing the organist position at the church
  Esther decides to swallow her pride and attend the church service with Zelda playing the organ
  Zelda plays the "In the Sweet By & By" on the organ for the church congregation
  Olivia still feels sorry for herself as she walks past Mrs. Brimmer's Boarding House
  John takes Olivia to a hotel for the night

The Ferris Wheel

  Eerie carnival music heard during Elizabeth's nightmare
  A calliope plays music while the carnival sets up
  Jason, Jim-Bob and Grandpa sing a rousing rendition of "The Girl on the Flying Trapeze".
  Olivia sings Elizabeth to sleep with "Lullaby"
  A gentle and soft theme as the family goes to bed which then progresses into Elizabeth's nightmare again.
  The carnival calliope plays "Carry me back to Ole' Virginny"

The Elopement

  Chad sings to Erin while they dance to music on the radio

John's Crossroad

  Common scene change theme
  Theme when Olivia misses John at home

The Career Girl

  Intro theme to episode
  Theme after Erin's Graduation

The Hero

  Quiet theme while John-Boy looks at the Sheriff's memory box
  A variation on a common scene change theme
  The "Thing's aren't going your way" theme
  Jason and friend sing war songs at the Honor Day event including; "Mademoiselle from Armentières", "It's a Long Way to Tipperary", "There's a Long Long Trail A-Winding"

The Heartbreaker

  Jason plays "Ironing Board Blues" at the 'Dew Drop'
  Jason teaches Vanessa to sing "I'll Fly Away"
  Jason sings "Vanessa's Song" to Vanessa
  Vanessa sings "Vanessa's Song" at 'The Dew Drop Inn'
  Jason sings "Foolish Questions"

The Long Night

  Jason sings "Lorena" to Grandpa

The Hiding Place

  Jason performs some Schubert
  Jason performs "Schubert's Serenade"
  Jason performs a waltz by Schubert

The Achievement

  Theme heard upon John Boy's arrival in New York City
  Theme and Earl Hamner's words heard in the closing of the episode


  Soaring theme from Season 5
  Theme music with trumpet feature from Season 5
  Theme music from Season 5
  Scene change theme from Season 5

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