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Season 4

Lyle Thomason
Dennis Kort
stars in The Genius

Lyle Thomason is a Genius who has excelled past high school and about to finish University but he lacks the social skills to maintain positive relationships with other people. A weekend visit with the Waltons helps to set him on the right path.

James Trevis Clark
James Trevis Clark - Cleavon Little
Cleavon Little
stars in The Fighter

James Trevis Clark is a preacher who arrives on Walton's Mountain to train for a boxing match. He plans to use the winnings to build a church for the black community.

Best known for Blazing Saddles, Cleavon Little also played the character of Hawthorne Dooley in The Homecoming.

Eula Mae and the Class of 1911
Eula Mae - The Prophecy

stars in The Prophecy

Eula Mae is a fellow school mate of John Walton from the class of 1911. She is organizing a 25th School Reunion and needs John's help to make it happen.

Actress Lynn Carlin will return 4 more times to the show to portray Sara Griffith who will become the wife of Sherrif Ep Bridges.

Porter Sims
Richard McKenzie
stars in The Boondoggle

Porter Sims is a reporter who covered the famous Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925. He is now writing a State Guidebook for Virginia as part of the WPA support program that helped to support Americans during the Depression.

Bobby Strom
Bobby Strom The Wing-Walker
Lee Purcell

stars in The Wing-Walker

Bobby Strom is a female wing-walker who experienced a scaring event as a teenager that has prevented her from developing intimate relationships. Repressing her feelings has allowed her to perform death-defying stunts.

Rex Barker
Tom Bower The Wing-Walker
Tom Bower
stars in The Wing-Walker

Rex Barker is a airplane pilot who works with Bobby Strom in a Wing-walker aerial act.


Actor Tom Bower became a regular cast member in season 5 when he returned as the new town doctor, Curt Willard who would become Mary Ellen Walton's husband.

Chad Marshall
Chad Marshall
Michael O'Keefe

stars in The Competiton

Chad Marshall is a young forestry student who arrives on Waltons Mountain to learn more about the trees in the region. A competition ensues between Erin and Mary Ellen for his attention with Erin winning the prize but she is still a little young for a serious relationship.


Chad returns to re-win Erins heart in The Elopement" (s5-ep15)

Samuel Miller
Bob Marsic
stars in The Emergence

Samuel Miller is a student who spends more time helping on the famiily farm than in school. Thought to be slow it is Olivia Walton who discovers that Samwel is in need of eye glasses to help him overcome his learning disability.

Olivia Hill
Olivia Hill
Deborah White
stars in The Loss

Olivia Hill is a young window who had married her husband Bob Hill only one year before at a wedding held at the Waltons homestead. Olivia is the namesake of Olivia Walton who was close friends with Young Olivia's mother.


Olivia previously appeared in The Shivaree (s3-ep19)

A.J. Covington
AJ Covington
George Dzunda

stars in The Abdication

A.J. Covington returns to the mountain as the writer of a movie that is shooting at the small house he once thought to settle down in "The Literary Man" (s1-ep11).

David Huddlestone had previously portrayed the character.

Todd Clark
The Abdication Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins
stars in The Abdication

Todd Clark is a Production Assistant whi is working for the Movie Studio that id filming on the Mountain. He has a eye for Mary Ellen and they spend time together when he isn't busy on the set.

Martin Walters
The Abdication
James Karen

stars in The Abdication

Martin Walters is the Director of the movie being made on Walton's Mountain. The story was written by John-Boy's friend A.J. Covington but when the dialogue comes off as a little hokey the Director asks John-Boy to rewrite the scenes to sound more authentic.

Vera Walton
Vera Walton
Lindsay V. Jones
stars in The Estrangement

Vera Walton has left her home and husband to show up unannounced on the Walton's doorstep. She hasn't been able to adjust to life in town and fears that her husband is headed down a wrong path.

Wade Walton
Wade Walton
Richard Hatch

stars in The Estrangement

Since being forced of their mountain home Wade has been working as a lathe operator but has found it diffucult to adjust to life in town. He helps run moonshine for his Uncle Boone but his erratic behavior has created a rift in his marriage to Vera.


Wade and Vera previously appeared in The Conflict (s3-ep1)

Nurse Nora Taylor
Nurse Nora Taylor
Barbara Eda-Young
stars in The Nurse

Nurse Nora Taylor provides health care to the remote families located around Waltons Mountain. Mary Ellen looks up to her with aspirations of becoming a nurse like her.


Mr. Cobbs
Bill Lucking

stars in The Intruders

Mr. Cobbs works for Murdock Wood Products, a new, agressive Mill that gives Waltons and Sons a run for their customers business.

Mountain Woman
Mountain Woman The Search

Helen Craig
stars in The Search

When Olivia, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth get lost after their truck breaks down they find themselves in the unwelcome company of some real mountain hillbiliies.

Muffin Maloney
Muffin Maloney The Big Brother

Vicki Schreck
stars in The Big Brother

Bridgette "Muffin" Maloney is a young con-artist who takes advantage of John-Boy and the Walton family's generosity while conning neighbors and friends of their money to raise bail for her crooked grandfather who is held up in Sherrif Bridges jail cell.

Leonard Gormley
Leonard Gormley The Test

John Wheeler

stars in The Test

Leonard Gormley is Maude Gormley son who worries about his mother as she ages. He decides to move her into an old folks home closer to him in Westham.


Stella Lewis
Selina Linville Kathleen Quilan The Collision
Abby Dalton

stars in The Test

Stella Lewis runs a high-end woman's clothing boutique who offers Olivia a position as a seamstress in her shop.


Abby Dalton also appeared in Earl Hamner's other creations Apple's Way as well as playing the character of Julia Cumson in 98 episodes of Falcon Crest. A veteran actress of the 60's she played Joey Bishop's wife in The Joey Bishop Show.

Selena Linville
Selina Linville Kathleen Quilan The Collision
Kathleen Quinlan

stars in The Collision

Selina Linville and her grandfather were last seen in The Thoroughbred (s3-ep3) Selina wants John-Boy to join her to support the Spanish Rebellion.

Colonel Linville
Colonel Linville The Collision
Eduard Franz

stars in The Collision

The Colonel is the grandfather of Selina Linville. He was last portrayed by actor Frank Jansen.


Actor Eduard Franz previously appeared as Uncle Cody Nelson in The Courtship




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