Ep.17 - The Beguiled

  Original Airdate: January 16, 1975
Writer:Kathleen Hite
Director: Ralph Senensky


  "When I recall the young years on Walton's Mountain I remember the pleasure of ordinary events, and the ordinary people who shaped them. But there were other times when neither the events nor the people were ordinary, and our lives were altered for a time."


  Jim-Bob has a new friend Danny, who seeks the attention of others with the use of magic and tricks. He obviously lacks attention at home as his father is too caught up in his work as a mechanic to pay any bother with his son.

As John-Boy makes his way to school he is run off the road by a headstrong, spoiled student by the name of Sis Bradford. This results in a flat tire that he can't afford to pay. He meets her again later at Professor Whitley’s class. Miss Bradford has missed many classes and is at risk of losing her enrolment which will result in the loss of her allowance. Despite doing well in class John-Boy is having trouble on the tests and needs to do well on the next exam or may lose his passing grade. Later that day Sis discovers John-Boy’s notebook on the seat of his unattended car and takes it to catch up on the notes she has missed in class. Each time she runs into John-Boy she uses her female charm to influence and distract him.


While John-Boy is looking for a replacement tire at Tom Comley’s garage he is upset to learn that his son Danny may have taken John-Boy’s missing notebook. He blames his son for always being at the center of any trouble. Later that evening Jim-Bob spends some quality time with his father and they discuss the difference between his style and Danny’s father’s style of parenting.

Sis shows up at the Walton's in a fancy expensive car and brings John-Boy a new tire. John-Boy embarrasses his family when his gives Sis a passionate kiss in front of them. When Jim-Bob and Danny realize that they left their school books in her car John-Boy chases after her in his father's truck but not before she slips the missing chemistry notebook into Danny’s school bag. Jim-Bob and Danny then carry on to Ike’s store where Danny tempts Jim-Bob to practice his skills of deception. Ike catches Jim-Bob in the act and forces him to confess his actions to his father. Danny and his father arrive later at the Walton home and return John-Boy’s notebook which Danny discovered in his school bag. Jim-Bob reveals that he saw Sis inside the bag before she returned it to the boys. John-Boy confronts Sis and tells her that all she has is looks and that her dishonesty won't get her very far in life. Danny on the other hand is happy to have gained the trust of his father and begins to build a new relationship by helping him in his business.



  "Those were not the last mistakes Jim Bob and I were to make, though we were truly ahead of the game, because our parents and grandparents gave us decent rules to live by, and decent examples to follow, and gave us, too, their love and understanding hearts."

Interesting Facts:

  • Willie Aames became better known for starring as Tommy Bradford in another Lorimar production Eight is Enough.

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:


Additional Cast:


Guest Stars: Darleen Carr (Sis Bradford), Willie Aames (Danny) With: Beeson Carroll (Tom Comley), Glen Gordon (Professor Whitley), Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Nora Marlowe (Mrs. Brimmer)


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