Ep.19 - The Legacy

  Original Airdate: February 22, 1979
Teleplay: William Parker
Story: Michael Learned
Director: Gwen Arner


  Ashley Longworth Jr. arrives on the mountain and causing confusion for Miss Emily and love woes for Erin. Elizabeth finds it difficult as she transitions towards becoming a woman.

Intro scene:


Erin tries to talk to Miss Emily, who has locked herself in her bedroom. She witnessed something that has compelled her lock out everyone from her life.


  "In early 1942, with the advent of a war, the world was taking on a different character, seemingly becoming a stranger to itself. At the same time our family was to witness similar changes in the personalities of some of those we were close to on Walton's Mountain."



Erin looks for a pencil in her Daddy’s desk she is off to help continue with the writing of the Baldwin ladies’ memoirs. John jokes that when she gets back she can help write his, “Wild John Walton” but he knows no one will buy it.

Elizabeth shaves her legs in the bathroom with Jim-Bob’s razor. He says she needs a figure more than shaved legs. She kicks him out and then looks at her reflection in the mirror. Mary Ellen then barges in to prepare a bath for John Curtis. Elizabeth asks her older sister when she first began to develop but she brushes her off and kicks her out of the bathroom.

Miss Emily looks over the details of their memoir so far. She wants to make additions to the section about her beau Ashley Longworth but Miss Mamie believes they have devoted enough of the book to him.

Elizabeth arrives at the store and inquires about Aimee. She then asks Corabeth whether she is old enough for a brassiere which catches Mrs. Godsey by surprise.

As Erin walks to the Baldwins, a passing car splashes a puddle onto her dress. A striking officer in a white uniform steps out to apologize and ask for directions. He introduces himself as Ashley Longworth and is looking for the Baldwin residence.

When they arrive at the Baldwin house Miss Emily faints at the sight of him. He is the spitting image of his father. The man that Miss Emily loved and has harbored all these years. When Miss Emily comes to she is confused and believes that the young man is his father and has returned for her. She goes to prepare the guest room. Her sister follows and tries to convince her that the visitor is actually the son of the man she admires. She won’t listen but Mamie convinces her to rest from the shock.

Erin serves Ashley some of the Baldwin recipe as per their request. He is serving on the U.S.S. Montclair and was only able to get a short shore leave while they are docked in Norfolk. His father served in Diplomatic Corps and they moved all over the world, Berlin, Geneva, Tokyo. He asks Erin if she skis. She says no but wonders what a Skier looks like and he describes her. He hopes to teach her to ski sometime. She excuses herself and hopes to see him the following day. When she steps outside her heart is all a flutter.

At home John is upset that the family all arrives late for dinner except for Erin and Elizabeth. He demands that they show up on time from now on. He says that he will make a turkey dinner for them with all the fixins after church. They are surprised as they have never known their father to cook. John also notices Elizabeth wearing makeup and tells her to remove it. He doesn’t want his daughter looking like a movie star.

The next morning Miss Emily has changed her hair and appearance to the way it was when she was courted by Ashley Sr. After the Church Service the Godsey’s are dismayed when Miss Emily says that her Ashley has returned for her. Corabeth is beside herself when she sees the age difference between the two.

Elizabeth is not interested in going to school. She wishes that she could talk to he Mama. She asks her Daddy if she needs a bra. She doesn’t know and feels so confused. He says she’s got the “in-betweens” and that she just has to wait for nature to take its course. He says that she has the rest of her life to be a grown up. She says she is not worried about the rest of her life she worried about right now and going to school.

Miss Emily shows Ashley around the mountain. She is still in denial about his identity. He tries to prepare her for the news that he has to share with her before he returns to his ship. They get lost on the mountain and he gets his car stuck in a ditch when he tries to turn around. He tries push the car out but ends up finding a farmer that pulls the car out with a team of horses. He is covered in mud and misses the date he planned with Erin.

Erin waits all evening for Ashley to show up and goes to bed upset. Her father is unable to console her and he ends up calling Olivia at the sanitarium even though he will be driving to see her the next day. They catch up on the current problems of Erin and Elizabeth.

Ashley arrive early the next morning at the Walton's to apologize and explain the situation to Erin. She is still in her housecoat with bed hair and hides as soon as he enters the kitchen. She reluctantly agrees to go for a walk with him.

Miss Emily comes down and learns from Miss Mamie that Ashley has already gotten up and left the house with purpose. She believes that he has gone to the tree where they first kissed. She goes to find him there. Meanwhile Ashley and Erin have resolved the misunderstanding and kiss for the first time. Miss Emily sees them while making her way to special spot. She runs home and locks herself in her room.

John returns home from his visit with Olivia and sees Elizabeth in her bedroom. He reads a letter to her from her Mama and gives her a camisole that her Mother made for her.

Ashley thinks that maybe it is for the best that Miss Emily has had this shock that it will make it easier for him to tell her the news he has of his father. He didn’t agree that it was best to continue the charade to protect her when she has now only been hurt even worse.

Miss Emily does comes downstairs. Her mind is clear and she knows that the man she loved and first kissed “under a shower of golden leaves” has died and that his son has come to inform her so. Ashley says that he loved his mother very much but he also told his son about his first love. He hands Miss Emily a letter from his father. She gives him her blessing and after he leaves with Erin Miss Emily reads the final words written to her by the love of her life.


  "In the days to come, Miss Emily and Miss Mamie looked forward eagerly to Ashley's letters and occasional visits. The final words from his father to Miss Emily were never included in the Baldwin's memoirs but were locked forever in Miss Emily's heart."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Aimee is attending Miss Holcomb's Finishing School. She will return home for the summer.
  • Ashley Longworth, Jr. is a lieutenant JG in the United States Navy, stationed aboard the USS Montclair. The ship is dry-docked at Norfolk for overhaul and repair.
  • Miss Emily had a nineteen-inch waist while being courted by Ashley Longworth, Sr.
  • Micheal learned (Olivia Walton) wrote the story for this episode.
  • Jonathan Frakes returns as Ashley Longworth, Jr. in "The Lost Sheep" (s8-ep7).

Additional Cast:



Guest Stars: Jonathon Frakes (Ashley Longworth Jr.) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily)

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