Ep.22 - Grandma Comes Home

  Original Airdate: March 30, 1978
Writers: Rod Peterson and Claire Whitaker
Director: Ralph Senensky


  Grandma returns home to the family after her stroke. Elizabeth raises a piglet for her 4-H project.


  "A house alone has little meaning, it's the people that live there who bring it to life and give it character. All during my grandmother's absence our house and everyone in it seemed to long for her return. Grandpa never stopped hoping that she would come home, and finally there came a day when his prayers were to be answered."


Written by Janet Lange

Grandpa is in his room all excited about grandma coming home when Elizabeth comes in saying it’s time for breakfast. She questions if grandma really is coming home this time.

Grandpa joins the family in the kitchen and is so excited that Grandma is coming home. Grandpa says he put some pressure on the hospital for her return home but Mary Ellen just hopes he is not rushing things. Grandpa leaves to get Grandma, Mary Ellen and Erin clean the living room, Jim-Bob and Jason work in the front yard, and Ben goes to the mill to get grandma’s rocking chair cleaned off. Mama and Daddy talk in the kitchen, Mary Ellen and Erin fuss at Jim-Bob for sweeping dust from the porch back in the house through the open windows.

At Ike’s, Jason, the Baldwin’s and Corabeth talk about Grandma coming home.

In the kitchen, Elizabeth comes down in a dress that no longer fits she is sad because she wanted to wear a dress that Grandma made. Elizabeth and Mama talk about 4-H projects.

Mary Ellen fixes John Curtis up real nice for grandma’s homecoming she has not even met him yet.

Daddy and Ben fix up the rocking chair for Grandma.

Jason runs towards the house yelling GRANDMA’s COMING!!! As grandpa drives up honking. The whole family meets in the front, so happy to see Grandma. Hugs and kisses are shared all over. Mary Ellen comes out with John Curtis and introduces her Great-Grandson to her. Grandpa urges everyone in to the house,

Later at dinner Grandpa prays so thankful grandma has come home! Grandpa takes over cutting up grandma’s food and fusses over her, the family tries to include her in the conversations but grandpa keeps interrupting and not letting her do anything. John Cutis fusses and Ben teases Mary Ellen about how loud he is. She retorts that she doesn’t complain when he comes home late and loud from the Dew Drop Inn. Clarence arrives with Jay-Bez, a baby pig that Elizabeth is going to raise for her 4-H project.

After dinner, Grandma looks at the mountain from the porch. Daddy comes out making sure she’s okay and talking about the old times. Daddy is really struggling, missing grandma’s voice but knows that it will be okay.

In the grandparents room as they get ready for bed Grandpa fusses and tucks Grandma in. Grandpa shares how much he has missed Grandma but also how Zuleika Dunbar had come by with carrot cake in her flirty way. Grandpa is shocked that Grandma doesn’t get mad at his story. The kids all call goodnight to Grandma, Grandpa answers and tells everyone goodnight from Grandma. Later while Grandma sleeps Grandpa sits up worried about her. He wakes her up, startled that she is so still. He tells her that he loves her.

At church, the family including Grandma is there and the pastor makes special mention of her being home.

In the barnyard Elizabeth hunts for Jay-Bez the pig. Erin and Mary Ellen tell Grandma that they will do the dishes. Clarence brings the pig back to Elizabeth after it ran back to his place. Mama gets upset at Elizabeth when she says that she does not want to walk to school with Clarence. Grandma takes the broom out to the porch to sweep, Erin comes out and tells grandma to sit down that she will sweep the porch for her. Grandma rocks in the chair but looks hurt and upset about it.

The Baldwin’s, Zeb and Esther visit in the living room. The Baldwins have brought over a lovely decanter of the recipe. Grandma accepts the jar. Grandpa sneaks away with the jar while and the sisters tell Esther about the minutes from the ladies meetings that she missed. Daddy comes in to the kitchener and Grandpa is convinced that there is something wrong with Grandma. He thinks he brought home the wrong “old woman”.

Daddy prepares to leave with a load of posts and informs Grandma that he will be back shortly. He also lets her know that Ben is in charge and Mary Ellen will be there too. Mama comes out to see if grandma wants to go to town with her Grandma looks as if she wants to go but Grandpa says that she must stay home and rest. Mary Ellen pushes John Curtis’ stroller out to the porch by Grandma and then goes to get the laundry. Ben being Ben comes up with an idea to cause trouble, he gives the baby to grandma and then takes the stroller puts Elizabeth’s pig in it and then takes it over to where Mary Ellen is getting the wash. Mary Ellen chases Ben around. Jay-Bez runs off again and Elizabeth makes Ben help her catch him. Mary Ellen gets the baby and puts him to bed. Grandma hears the phone ring and goes to answer it but Erin can’t understand her and worries something is wrong. Grandma goes back outside and for a ride in Jim-Bob’s car with him but they don’t tell anyone else where they are going. Elizabeth and Ben find Jay-Bez but Ben falls in the mud when they try to catch him.

Jim-Bob and Grandma share a great car ride out on the mountain.

Mary Ellen comes down stairs to find Grandma gone she starts looking all over the house for her.

Daddy, Mama and Grandpa rush home from town when Ep relays the message that something is going on at the house.

Mary Ellen and Clarence are outside when Daddy, Mama and Grandpa get back. Grandpa gets all upset but then Jim-Bob pulls up with Grandma in the car. Ben and Elizabeth come up from looking for the pig. Daddy is NOT happy about whats going on and starts lecturing the kids as grandma tries to talk. Grandpa fusses over her and makes her go lay down when it seems like all Grandma was trying to do was make people realize she can do things. Corabeth and Ike pull up and talk to Zeb and Esther.

Elizabeth and Clarence meet at the bridge and he admits that he knew Jay-Bez would keep coming back to his house and the reason that he gave it to Elizabeth was so he would be able to see her more. They agree to be partners in the project and also to keep Jay-Bez at Clarence’s house.

Grandma writes in her journal on the porch when Mama comes out with the beans for dinner. They start to snap them. Grandma gets upset spills the bowl of beans thinking that no one needs her. Mama hugs her and reaffirms that of course they need her, as she cries.

In the grandparents room Grandpa is up and sneaks a look at Grandma’s journal to find out what is going on. Mama and Daddy come down to the kitchen and find Grandpa looking in her journal. Grandma thinks her loss of speech is a punishment and that she will not complain or force her opinions on others, grandma comes down as Grandpa is talking. He gets a little firmer with Grandma and yells at her that she’s as stubborn as a mule! Grandma walks out and Mama tries to tell Grandpa and Daddy that people are taking away her independence by always doing for her.

Grandpa goes out to the porch and apologies then tells grandma if she wants her breakfast she has to work for it by sweeping the porch, and Grandma responds by whacking Grandpa with the broom. Shocked, Grandpa celebrates that Grandma really has come home and she says “YOU OLD FOOL” they share a special hug and some tears. She has finally returned!


  "My grandmother had finally come home, and once again she became her old self, giving us the benefit of her wisdom and love. That old house will always live in my memory, espceially when it comes time to say 'Goodnight'."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • This episode marks the return of Ellen Corby since suffering a stroke 2 years prior. She gets top billing inthe credits before the opening title.
  • According to the Baldwin sisters Judge Baldwin had a stroke as well and he would bang on the floor with his cane when he wanted something.
  • Clarence gives Elizabeth the pig Jay-Bez for her 4-H project.
  • It also marks the last episode in which Grandpa and Grandma Walton appear together due to the death of actor Will Geer following the end of this season.

Additional Cast:



Special guest: Grandma Walton (Ellen Corby) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Kenny Marquis (Clarence), Peter Fox (Reverend Buchanan)


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