Ep.21 - The Revelation

  Original Airdate: March 23, 1978
Writers: D.C.Fontana and Richard Fontana
Director: Gwen Arner


  John-Boy proposes to Daisy Garner and then is offered a position as a foreign correspondent in London, England. John-Boy learns of Daisy's secret that ends their engagement. Grandpa helps to boost sales at Elizabeth and George's Lemonade Stand.

Intro scene:


A fellow reporter asks John-Boy if he is gonna marry Daisy and John-Boy tells him to check the headlines in the morning.


  "When I was a boy I dreamed of what I would make of my life when the time came to leave the mountain. My journey took me to New York City where I became reporter for a press service, began work on my second novel and fell in love. I knew that the days of my life would be played out elsewhere, but as always, the events that took place on the mountain would shape and change the rest of my life."


Written by Janet Lange

John-Boy meets his girlfriend Daisy Garner after one of her broadway performances. She is excited that she has been picked to be an understudy for the lead role. They celebrate by going out to dinner at their usual spot. They talk to the pianist who asks John-Boy to sign his novel “Walton’s Mountain” for his mother. They talk about John-Boy’s job at the wire service and Daisy’s play and how they met at the marathon dance. John-Boy proposes but Daisy is not ready yet and wants to wait.

At the wire service office John-Boy tries to call the family but the line is busy so he tells Erin on the switchboard to tell the family that “they” will be arriving in Rockfish tomorrow.

Mary Ellen runs out of the house telling everyone to gather quickly to hear John-Boy is engaged. The Baldwin’s say they want to throw a party for his fiance. Mama tells the family to clean up that Ike and Corabeth are coming for dinner and she lets Elizabeth’s friend George stay too.

At dinner, Ike compliments Olivia’s cooking but Cora Beth drones on about how simple things are and how wonderful Aimee is becoming a young lady. She can’t believe that Olivia allows George around Elizabeth so much. Olivia tells her that they are just friends and nothing more.

George and Elizabeth work on the lemonade stand in the barn which they will set up in front of Ike’s store.

Daddy and Mama talk in their room about John Boy-and Daisy.

John Boy’s boss offers John-Boy a job in London, England to be a reporter for Stars and Stripes. John-Boy ask if he can take Daisy but the answer is no, John Boy struggles with what he should do.

Grandpa and Daddy meet John-Boy and Daisy at the bus station. They pull up to Ike’s where Elizabeth and George have their lemonade stand set up. Grandpa stays at the store as Daddy continues on to the house. The lemonade sales are not going well but Grandpa has an idea to boost business.

Mama, Daisy and the girls clean up the kitchen and then they join the rest of the family on the porch. Daisy reveals that her mom lives up near Lynchburg but they have not talked in three years. Grandpa agrees to give Daisy away and the family talks about the wedding preparation. After the family leaves Daddy tries to give John-Boy advise about marriage and love.

Erin, Daisy and Elizabeth prepare for bed in the girls room and toss John-Boy out when he comes in.

John-Boy goes into his old room and talks to John Curtis.

The Baldwins plan the reception for Daisy and John-Boy, Grandpa arrives and asks for some of the recipe.

Outside at Godsey’s store Grandpa asks the kids to buy some sugar for the pink and he then spikes the regular lemonade with the recipe. He then gives the kids explicit instructions to sell the pink to women and children and sell the “regular” to men only.

Mama Daddy and John Boy talk in the mud room about Daisy and her mom.

Mary Ellen and Daisy come in to the kitchen with material for the wedding dress. Mama and Daisy look at the material while Mary Ellen goes to check on the baby. Mary Ellen comes in talking about the baby and Daisy says her and John-Boy haven’t talked about having children.

John-Boy goes to talk to Mrs. Garner and tries to mend the rift between Daisy and her mother. She does agree to see Daisy.

In the printing room John-Boy shows Daisy his old press. He tells Daisy that he saw her mother and that her mother wants to see her.

Erin and Daisy work on the dress as the phone rings for John-Boy. Mr. Johnson needs an answer about the position in London. Daisy overhears his conversation and is surprised to hear him turn down the offer.

At Daisy’s mom’s house Daisy decides to go in alone while John-Boy waits outside. Daisy and her mom talk about what happened and why she left. A little girl comes down the stairs and Daisy starts to cry, her mom introduces Melissa to Daisy and then sends the child back upstairs, Daisy breaks down sobbing.

At the store the lemonade stand sales are booming with the men of the community. The Baldwin’s and Corabeth come outside. The Baldwin’s have a drink of the regular but when Corabeth tries to get some Grandpa and Ike try to convince her to take the pink. She tastes the “regular” is shocked and upset with the men because they have spiked it.

Daisy comes out of her mom’s house and tells John-Boy about Melissa, who is her daughter that she gave up for adoption 3 months before John-Boy met her at the marathon dance. The reason why she was in Scottsville, is that she was running away and that’s where her money ran out. Daisy’s mom adopted the girl and had been raising her ever since. Daisy calls off the wedding. She needs time to develop a relationship with her daughter and that she will stay in Lynchburg and doesn’t know when she will return to New York. Daisy tries to convince John-Boy to go on to London, John-Boy wants to hold out hope that she will be there when he gets back but she is makes no promises.

John-Boy calls his boss from his family’s home and takes the job. He tells Mr. Johnson that the wedding is cancelled. Daddy and Mama listen on from the kitchen. They try to talk John boy in to staying a few days but John boy says he has a job and has to go.

The family all go to the bus station to say goodbye to John-Boy who is heads back to New York and then London.


  "Ahead of me lay all the fabled cities of the world. I was to come to know London, Paris, New York, and Rome as intimately as I knew the small Virginia towns. I would walk the streets of the great cities of Europe, visit their monuments and museums, and come to know their people. And with every step, the shadow of Daisy would walk beside me."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Richard Thomas once again gets top billing before the main title graphic.
  • Corabeth makes reference to her sister Eula Jarvis Forsythe. We will meet her identical twin sister Orma Lee in "The Pearls" (s9-ep14)
  • John-Boy and Daisy first met in the episode "The Marathon" (e3-ep9)
  • John-Boy mentions to Daisy about the carpetbagger he exposed during the re-election of Sheriff Bridges and the excerpt of Mein Kamph by Adolph Hitler. Both articles were published in The Blue Ridge Chronicle.
  • The article on the carpetbagger appeared in "The Last Mustang" (s5-ep12) and the story about Mein Kamph appeared in "The Fire Storm" (s5-ep5).
  • Doubleday is the publisher of John-Boy's first novel "Walton's Mountain". (In reality, Dial Press of New York published Earl Hamner's second novel "Spencer's Mountain" in 1961. Random House of New York published his first novel "Fifty Roads to Town" in 1953).

Additional Cast:



Special guest: Richard Thomas (John-Boy) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), Walter Brook (Mr. Johnson), Deirdre Lenihan (Daisy Garner), Rachel Bard (Mrs. Garner), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Steve Shaw (George Simmons), Tommy Leonetti (Piano player), Will Parker (Reporter)

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