Ep.23 - The Go-Getter

  Original Airdate: March 10, 1977
Writer: Andy White & Paul West
Director: Lawrence Dobkin


  Ben gets a job selling used cars, Sarah Griffith has her eye on marrying the Sheriff.


  "In the spring of 1938 I began to feel the burden of publishing The Blue Ridge Chronicle and finishing my novel. It would be the newspaper which would create a crisis affecting the entire family."



John-Boy can’t concentrate on his writing with the noise outside that Ike Godsey, Zeb, Erin and Elizabeth are making as they try and help Jim-Bob boost start his car.

Ben sells Mr. Jarvis on a larger more expensive ad placement in the Blue Ridge Chronicle. He is impressed by his sales approach and calls him a “Go-Getter”. His daughter Darlene is impressed too and seems to have increased her romantic feelings towards Ben. She offers to drive Ben back home.

Darlene and Ben arrive back at the house and she expresses her enthusiasm to see him the next day with some encouraging kisses. Mary Ellen sees them but promises to cut him some slack and not tell his Mama.

John-Boy is under pressure to finish the printing of his latest newspaper edition. He gets upset with Ben who has made a typeset paperweight for Darlene which he drops into the press which almost damages it. They exchange heated words. Ben’s threatens to quit stating that he can get a job selling cars for Mr. Jarvis. When John-Boy suggests that maybe he should in fact do that, Ben storms out leaving John-Boy alone to finishing the printing of the edition all by himself.

Ben secures a job as a salesman at Jarvis Used Cars.

Ben talks to his first customer who is looking for a bargain on a truck. Ben convinces him to buy the truck even though the upholstery is shot because he’ll get a good discount. He comes home late for dinner all excited at having made his first sale. He has made a commission of $8. He hopes that he will get some more respect now. John knows the history of the truck and asks Ben if he advised the buyer of it’s problems. Ben makes excuses that it is still a good value for the price.

Flossie Brimmer arrives at Ike’s complaining about her aching feet. She learns from Mary Ellen that Ben is selling cars at Jarvis Used Car lot. When she arrives Mr. Jarvis convinces Ben to sell her one of the less quality cars on the lot. Ben knows that the car needs work but is convinced when he is promised a $5 bonus.

Ben is flying high when he comes home after making another sale. He’s made $25 in commissions so far. He suggests that his father trade-in his old truck for a LaSalle Roadster and when he sees Jim-Bob outside working on his old jalopy he hurts his feelings stating that it will still be junk that nobody will want to go for a ride in when he finally gets it working. Jim-Bob mutters that he’s acting like a “bigshot”.

When Ben learns that Mrs. Brimmer’s car’s timing belt has broken he take it on himself to try and repair it for her. He tows the car back to Walton’s Mountain with help from Erin and Blue the mule. Jim-Bob takes pleasure in watching Ben fail in his attempt to fix the car but later that night after everyone has gone to bed he makes the repairs for his brother. Seeing the two brothers work out their differences inspires John-Boy in helping him to complete his novel about the family.

Secondary Story:


Olivia runs into Sarah Griffith outside of Ike’s store. She offers to drive Olivia home. She is on vacation from Richmond for the week and hopes to catch Sheriff Ep Bridges eye who she knew during the war. Olivia makes a plan with her to go shopping in Rockfish.

Sarah and Olivia head into Rockfish and make their way to the Sheriffs Office. Ep is surprised to see Sarah and invites her in for some coffee. Olivia makes her excuses and leaves them alone to reacquaint.

Olivia is frustrated that Ep has made an excuse to keep from having dinner with Sarah. John tells her that Ep doesn’t like to make fast moves, even though he may like Sarah a lot he won’t be pushed into matrimony.

John stops by Ep’s office he tells him that walking around loose gives women ideas. He even has to ask Ep to talk privately inside as a local woman and her mother sit down close to Ep to catch his attention. John informs Ep that Sarah has intentions of marriage. The news makes Ep immediately nervous and evasive. He has never considered bringing an end to his bachelorhood.

Olivia is concerned that Sarah will soon be headed home for Richmond and hasn’t seen anymore of Ep during her visit. She goes back into Rockfish and invites him to have dinner at her house with Sarah. He seems receptive to the idea but the dinner is awkward. Ep makes little effort to converse with Sarah. He treats them to a movie afterwards but arranges for Sarah to sit on the far side of Olivia and John. Ben happens to be at the movies with Darlene as well. When he sees his parents he cowers in hopes of not being seen by them and loses all interest in making any romantic moves on Darlene. Olivia is agrivated at the seating arrangement and that Ep has made no effort to get close to Sarah. He drops her off first a Mrs. Brimmer’s Boarding house before taking John and Olivia home last. Unbeknownst to the Waltons, Ep circles back to the boarding house and asks Sarah to marry him.


  "They are grown now, those boys, men set apart by time and distance. But the patterns that were set in those early years still remain. During the years that followed, my brothers and my sisters came to each other's aid often in time of trouble, and they still do."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Kami Cotler's brother Jeff appears as a small boy named Fester who has troubles with his shoe strings and gets a helping hand from Sheriff Ep Bridges.

Additional Cast:



Lynn Carlin (Sarah Griffith), Lew Brown (Mr. Jarvis), Melody Thomas (Darlene Jarvis), John Crawford (Sheriff Bridges), Brian Malone (Usher), Jeff Cotler (Fester), Don Keefer (Arnie Shimerdy), Joe Conley (Ike Godsey)

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