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Earl Hamner - Storyteller Documentary

  Earl Hamner Storyteller - a documentary

At the start of 2014 an intrepid group of people took on the task of telling television/film writer and author Earl Hamner Jr's untold story. A documentary that would pay tribute to this creative and prolific writer from a small village in Virginia who would rise from his strong family oriented and moral roots to become a Hollywood success and create one of the most popular TV series of the 1970's. Hamner also helped to contribute to the success of Lorimar, one of the largest independent TV production companies known to insiders as America's "5th network" due to the volume and success of it's programming.

Earl has been involved in many staples of our cultural identity. He has worked with many of the greats, not many can boast that Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hara portrayed characterizations of their parents.

This film will shed light on many of Earl Hamner's achievements and show how one can stay humble and sincere in one of the most cynical industries in America. You can take the boy out of Virginia but you couldn't take a sense of home away from this Virginian.

Filming is now complete on this project but the filmmakers need help to finish the editing and prepare the film for release. They have started an Indiegogo campaign and are looking to raise $125,000 to help pay for finishing costs and licencing costs for the dozens of TV and film clips needed to showcase Earl's work. If this campaign doesn't reach it's goal then it may mean that much of what we would like to see like our favorite clips from The Waltons, Falcon Crest, The Twilight Zone, Spencer's Mountain and other Earl Hamner creations won't be included in the final film.


The Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign has now come to an end. Congratulations to the production team for raising 30% of their goal for a total of $37,719. While this is short of their goal of $125,000 it is still a significant accomplishment.


The crew of Earl Hamner Storyteller say thank you to every who supported the project.

The information listed below contains information pertaining to the Indiegogo campaign which has now ended. It is provided here as a record of the materials, media and offers created during the event.


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Indiegogo goal success Earl Hamner Jr. close up

A personal message from Earl Hamner Jr.

Dear Friends,

As you might imagine I am bursting with pride that my career is being celebrated with this tribute and I would like to thank you for your generosity and support. I want to make clear that my stories would have been just words on paper had it not been for the work of the countless folks who participated – other writers, actors, directors, producers, set designers, make-up artists, casting directors, carpenters, painters, drivers, devoted crews who contributed his or her special talent, and lastly, the folks at the networks, who were often a problem, but oh so necessary in bringing these stories to you, the audience.

Thank you and warmest regards,


Please consider making a contribution. These filmmakers have stepped up to the plate and have contributed 100's of hours of their unpaid time and energy to tell an important story that is well past it's time to be told. The story of a very worthy man who is more than past due this tribute and who's work we all love and wish there was more of.

A documentary such as this normally costs 4 to 5 times as much when everyone gets paid for their professional services. It is costly to produce quality content. The average network drama that most of us watch every week costs approximately $3 million per episode. While the amount the producers require for this story may seem large it's actually quite modest and reasonable for such an undertaking.

Funding Deadline Extended: December 8, 2014

This campaign needs your help by this date to be successful. I'm sure everyone reading this will want their own DVD copy of this film. It will only take 3500 fans to contribute a minimum of $35 to have their own copy which will include all the great clips from the shows we love in the finished film. There are other great perks as well so if you can contibute more, then the rewards can be sweeter.

Read a further more detailed letter from Earl on his blog "You, Me and the Lampost". He explains his medical procedure that took place on his bithday back in July and his also explains how hurt he was by the Good Morning America interview last Fall which ingnored his contributions in creating and being the "heart" of the show "The Waltons". He then asks for our support of this project. Very humble and sincere."



An EXCITING new PERK has been announced in the final 2 weeks of the fundraiser. Two lucky individuals will get to enjoy a meal cooked by Waltons Actress, Michael Learned at her home in Beverly Hills. Only one donation is available for this special offer.
Visit the Fundraing page for more information.


Michael Learned Indiegogo Perk

After a few days of anticipation Shirley Grew claimed this exciting perk.

Michael Learned Indiegogo Perk Winner

Another fundraising annoucement was made with 4 days left in the campaign.

EXCITING NEWS: The campaign has been extended by an additional two weeks and a NEW PERK has been announced!

Link to the Official Announcement

We are happy to announce that Richard Thomas is offering a very special evening for one lucky indiegogo contributor. Richard will be starring in the Broadway play "You Can't Take it With You" from January 6, 2015 until February 22, 2015. He is offering two tickets to the show and the opportunity to meet him backstage after the performance.

(Note: Richard will also be filming THE AMERICANS during this time. Therefore, his understudy will occasionally step into his role in the play, based on his television filming schedule. The contributor will need to be flexible regarding the date of the performance they attend, so we can coordinate the meeting with Richard. Ground and Air transportation is not included).

Another NEW very affordable PERK has been announced!

Another NEW PERK for the Homecoming 2015 Reunion has been announced!
Link to the Official Annoucement

The Waltons Homecoming 2015 Reunion EHS Perk

As quickly as it was offered this PERK was snatched up by two eager fans.

Link to the Official Announcement

The Waltons EHS Perk


2 great new PERKS announced in the final 5 days of the campaign.

The Waltons EHS Perk

The Waltons EHS Perk


WATCH writer/actor Michael "Hobie Shank" McGreevey
make his "pitch" about this film.

Writer/actor Michael McGreevey
makes a shorter 1 minute "pitch" about this film.

WATCH the first promo trailer for the film below.


During the production of Earl Hamner Storyteller a number of interviewees recorded personal greeting to Earl. You can watch them below

Michael Learned (Olivia Walton - The Waltons)
Vince Van Patten (Paul Apple - Apple's Way)
Richard Hatch (Wade Walton - The Waltons)


Judy Norton (Mary Ellen Walton - The Waltons)
Lorenzo Lamas (Lance Cumson - Falcon Crest)
Mary Badham ("The Bewitchin' Pool"- The Twilight Zone)




Mary McDonough (Erin Walton - The Waltons)
Eric Scott (Ben Walton - The Waltons)
Jon Walmsley (Jason Walton - The Waltons)


Leslie Winston (Cindy Brunson Walton - The Waltons)
Bill Mumy (Boom Boom Yates - Palm Springs Weekend)
Deanna Lund (Mrs. Viola Graddy - The Waltons)

Bill Mumy (Palm Springs Weekend)
Jeffrey Byron (The Twilight Zone - "The Bewitchin' Pool")
James Best (The Twilight Zone - "Jess-Belle")

Anne Serling (Daughter of Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling)

View some images captured during the filming of this production.

ARTICLES - About the Film


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