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The Walton's were not just a fictional family typically created from the minds of Hollywood writers. They were, for the creator, the memories of growing up in rural Virginia... memories of family and neighbors... memories of a country still living in a time of innocence.


Prior to creating The Waltons Earl Hamner Jr.'s career began in Radio but he quickly made the move to Television as it was becoming the dominant format for entertainment programming.

While establishing his career in the brodcast world Earl Hamner rose to prominence as an author.

First Published - 1953

(From the dust jacket of "Fifty Roads to Town")

About the Author

The author of this first novel is thirty years old, the eldest of eight children. He was born Schuyler, Virginia, a villiage in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mr. Hamner has been writing since he was seven years old when the Richmond Times Dispatch published his first poem. In between reading everything in sight as he grew up, he milked cows, slopped hogs, caught posseums and paid for his tuition at the University of Richmond by working as a dispatcher for a trucking company and census taker. After serving in the army for three years, he returned to Richmond and began to work in radio, first as assistant program director and then moving on to Cincinatti, he obtained a job as radio writer. Mr. Hamner began to work on Fifty Roads To Town during one summer in Arkansas Ouachita Mountains where the state paid 23ยข a head for each crow brought in, but the author's aim was bad and he returned from the vacation with a fragment of the present novel and flat broke. He gradually worked his way up to New York and a job with a large advertising agency and finally, to NBC as a radio script writer where he is now happily employed.



First Published - 1961

First Published - 1965
First Published - 1970 First Published - 1999

In 1963, his second book was made into a film starring Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hara.

Spencer's Mountain Lobby Card


Along with the novels that he would continue to write Earl Hamner made the move from the east coast to California and would write numerous teleplays for various television shows throughout the 1960's including 8 episodes of The Twilight Zone.


Rod Serling gave Hamner his first break in Hollywood.

Friends since college days, Serling would joke that Earl had given him his "first" job when Rod replaced Earl after he resigned from his position as a writer at WLW, a Cincinatti radio/television station.

Twilight Zone Episodes


Hamner also created other family dramas

In 1968 he wrote the teleplay for the TV movie Heidi

more info at




In 1971 his book The Homecoming was turned in to a Television Christmas special.


The Homecoming

more info at

In 1972 he wrote the screenplay for the animated version of Charlotte's Web

more info at


In 1974 he wrote the screenplay for a story about an Appalacian family

more info at the

Based on the success of The Homecoming, the broadcaster CBS, ordered one season of episodes based on the same characters.
As a result The Waltons were born.

Earl Set Porch
By the time "The Waltons" hit the airwaves, life for Earl Hamner must have seemed pretty good for a "depression kid" from the Blue Ridge Mountains

With the Cast in 1975

Earl on the Walton set with "Blue' the mule

Earl appeared in the episode
"The Journey" (s2-ep28)

Earl, Michael. Ralph. Richard

Earl Hamner, the creator of "The Waltons" joins actors Michael, Ralph and Richard on the set.

Receiving the
George Foster Peabody Award (1972)

Link to Citation

Richard Thomas and Earl during the filming of the 90's reunions



Earl's legacy of work did not go uncredited so it didn't take long for fans of his work to realize who was behind their favorite program.

Spenser's Mountain, 1961

The Homecoming, 1971

The Waltons, 1972

The Waltons, 1973-81
Falcon Crest, 1981-1990

After the Waltons, Earl immediately created another succesful show that would run for 9 sesons as well, only this time the family would NOT be as nice as the Waltons.

Lorimar Productions practically created the Prime-time soap opera with their smash hit Dallas. After The Waltons, Earl created Falcon Crest for Lorimar-Telepictures


Earl Hamner, with Falcon Crest stars Jane Wyman and Robert Foxworth



Hamner would return to his post on the Waltons during the movie specials in the 90's

Earl has continued to write, create and be involved with his various creations.

More recently Earl co-wrote two children's books with Donald Sipes

Book Lassie
First Published - 1998


Book Odette
First Published - 2011


Earl continues to make appearances and be honored for his body of work

Award 2011

Library of Virginia's Literary Awards - 2011

Award 2013

Senate of Virginia Tribute - 2013



Watch a short documentary about Earl Hamner by the University of Cincinnati


Here is a short promo from INSP where Earl discusses the importance of The Waltons

Earl Hamner, creator of The Waltons, knows the power of television to elevate people and show our best -- and our worst -- sides. When done right, he believes television can be a positive influence on individuals and society.

Earl Hamner  Documentary

Read a detailed biography on Earl Hamner by George Brosi on Earl's website.

You can also purchase this interview on Kindle by M. Karen Brewer

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