Ep.13 - The Fastidious Wife

  Original Airdate: December 27, 1979
Writer: Loraine Despress
Director: Gwen Arner


  Cindy worries about Ben working long hours in the mill and begins to treat him with extra affection to win his attention. Jeffrey finds a cat and calls him Harold who soon gives birth to kittens.


  "Walton's Mountain seemed especially beautiful to my brother Ben and his wife Cindy during the months they awaited the birth of their first child. But the war made its demands. Ben had to work harder than ever before, leaving Cindy alone at the time when she needed him the most."



Ben gets up to work on Saturday morning to meet the demands of the workload. Cindy wishes he could take some time off to spend together.

Cindy finds it hard to deal with Ben working all the time. Jason arrives at the mill with an army mate Ned Phillips and invites Ben out to the Dew Drop for some drinks. Ben goes to get Cindy but she is already asleep in bed. At the bar Ned gets frisky with Sue Anne the bar maid. When she tries to put an end to his advances Ben tries to help and the soldier turns on Ben and starts throwing punches. Ben winds up in jail.

At church Cindy remarks that all the goodness they gain from attendance wares off by Saturday night. Corabeth gives her a new book to read “The Fastidious Wife” in hopes that it will help her relationship.

Ben and John loaf the truck with a load of wood. Cindy comes out to see them and Sue Anne from the bar pulls up to thank Ben for protecting her. He failed to mention that part to Cindy who immediately takes issue with the discovery.

Mary Ellen brings an old crib down from the attic for Cindy’s upcoming baby. It’s a little worse for wear but Cindy feels it will have to do as Ben hasn’t had the time to take her into town to buy a new one. Mary Ellen reads a bit of the book Cindy received from Corabeth. It sounds a bit old fashioned and unrealistic. But Cindy takes it to heart and begins to follow its advice. Ben comes home to a whole new wife who dotes on him, runs his bath, has his pyjamas laid out, her hair fixed with makeup and a beautiful nightgown on.

Cindy continues her mission to put Ben first. She applies elaborate face masks to retain her complexion, she gives him a haircut, picks up after him at the kitchen table, does exercises and brings Ben hot cocoa before bedtime.

Cindy finishes fixing up the cradle and has plans for a nursery for the baby. Ben thinks she looks tired and wonders if she is getting enough rest.

Cindy stops by the store and learns that Corabeth book is not selling and has to drop the price.

Mary Ellen finds Cindy in the mill still sorting the paper work for Ben. She says that poor Ben can barely take off his shoes before Cindy is down polishing them. She is concerned but Cindy doesn’t want her to interfere.

Ben and his Daddy come home late from a delivery and find Cindy asleep in the mill. When she stands she become lightheaded and faints. Ben carries her to their house. The doctor comes to check on her and says that she needs bed rest.

The next morning it’s Ben’s turn to bring breakfast in bed to Cindy but she just wants to sleep.

Ben asks his Daddy how he coped with so many pregnancies. Dr. Lewis returns to check on Cindy and says that her condition has improved but she needs to stay in bed for another week. Ben is thrilled with the news but learns why Cindy had been acting so strength and working so hard to please him based on the advise of the book from Corabeth. She says that she just wanted home to be happy to which he says he always has and always will and the fact that she has their baby growing inside her is enough and all she has to do.

Secondary Story:


Jeffrey has brought a cat home that was following him from school. He has named it Harold but Rose notices the “Harold” is pregnant with kittens. He chooses to continue calling her Harold.

At dinner John wants Jeffrey to take the cat back to where he found him. He doesn’t want to be up to his ankles in kittens. When he gets looks from the threat of the family he recanted and lets Jeffrey keep her till the kittens are born.

Jeffrey rushes home from church to discover that Harold has giving birth to her kittens.

Jeffrey, Serena and Elizabeth think of names to call the kittens. Rose comes in and says that maybe they shouldn’t get too attached to them.

John finds a kitten in his bedroom and warns Jeffrey that it is time to find a home for them.

Jeffrey And Serena arrive with the kittens and Jeffrey secretly releases a mouse to convince the Godsey’s into taking one of the kittens. In the end though they are still left with one kitten and they build a bed out of straw for it outside. Jeffrey goes home and brings Harold back to keep the kitten company. As they turn for home Jeffrey tells his sister not to look back.

As Jeffrey crawls into bed he discovers that Harold has returned with her kitten. He and Serena hide them in his closet.

At breakfast John learns that Jeffrey still has one kitten left and agrees that he can stay in the barn to keep the mouse population down.


  "Cindy took it easy for the rest of her term, and her relationship with my brother grew stronger every day. In the years to come she accomplished many things, but she remained true to her own spirit and never again tried to become a 'fastidious wife'."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Ben is 22.

Additional Cast:



Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth), Leslie Winston (Cindy), Peggy Rea (Rose Burton), Keith Mitchell (Jeffrey), Martha Nix (Serena), Zack Lewis (Ned Philips), Denise Latella (Sue Ann), Fred Downs (Dr. Lewis)


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