Ep.3 - The Moonshiner

  Original Airdate: October 12, 1978
Writer: Jeb Rosebrook
Director: Lawrence Dobkin


  Boone Walton is placed in the care of Jason after being charged with being a bootlegger. Daisy Garner arrives on the mountain with her daughter Melissa.

Intro scene:


Jason talks to Boone Walton the family's bootlegging cousin who is being held behind bars.


  "I well remember my grandfather speaking of the two ideals he felt so much a part of the human spirit. They were, he said, love and loyalty. During that Autumn of 1941 his ideals were to be well tested by those people fate and a changing times would return to Waltons Mountain. It was a time when our brother Jason most keenly felt the loss of our grandfather."



Boone Walton has been charged with making Bootleg Moonshine. Jason goes to his hearing and asks to speak to the court to keep Boone from living out his remaining days on a chain gang. The judge agrees and suspends Boone’s sentence and places Boone into Jason’s custody where he feels that the old man will have the best chance for reform. Boone on the other hand is defiant and doesn’t want the help of anyone for his troubles. On the way home he tests Jason on his ability to control his actions. Boone is still bitter that the government had run him off his land to build a park and a highway.

At home Jason informs his Mama of Boone’s unannounced arrival. His Mother bites her tongue but isn’t pleased about the new development of having a moonshiner in her home. Grandma on the other hand isn’t as reserved in lashing her tongue at Boone.

At the Godsey’s, Corabeth teaches Aimee to pay for her own items in the store. Outside Ike has pumped some gas into Daisy Garner’s car. She leaves with her daughter towards the Walton’s home.

The Baldwin sisters have misplaced an item in the Recipe room and can’t locate it.

Jason brings Boone out to the mill and John puts him to work.

Olivia and Grandma fume in the kitchen about Boone and his gun being under their roof. Just as she has dealt with that disturbance Daisy Garner arrives to add more aggravation to her day. John-Boy’s former fiancĂ© has come to return her engagement ring and to apologize for how things unfolded when she discovered that her mother had been caring for her out-of-wedlock daughter whom Daisy had thought was put up for adoption. Those events brought her engagement to John-Boy to an end. They still continued to write to each other at first but since John-Boy has moved to London their communication has become less frequent. Daisy believes that John-Boy has moved on in their relationship. Since then Daisy’s mother passed about a month ago, she and Melissa are going to move to New York. Olivia offers to put Daisy and her daughter up for the night.

At lunch Boone tells some of his old stories to the Walton kids and Daisy outside around the picnic table. Each of them run off and Boone admits to Daisy that he has that effect on people when he starts telling his stories. Later that night Jason sneaks some of his Grandpa’s hidden moonshine in for Boone who is staying in the shed. Grandpa kept it as a welcome for special visitors.

The next day Melissa asks her mother if they can stay longer instead of driving to New York. Daisy doesn’t want to impose but Mary Ellen offers them free lodging at her house at the doctor’s office. Boone talks to Esther who is out watering the garden. He misses her husband Zeb and says some supporting words to her.

Jason finds Boone up on the mountain making a still for moonshine. Jason convinces Boone to go rabbit hunting instead of working on the still. Boone tells him about how a flood 53 years ago took his home, son and wife Rose.

Mary Ellen shows Daisy her house that she has kept in immaculate condition waiting for Curt’s return from the army.

Jason takes Boone to meet the Baldwin sisters. They are still distraught and not accepting company. They learn that the Baldwin’s have lost their recipe for the RECIPE! Boone helps them make a new batch and create a new set of instructions. The sisters are so amazed that Boone knew how to make their father’s secret recipe. Boone gives them an answer that protects the honor of their belief.

Elizabeth and Melissa visit Aimee at the Godsey’s. Corabeth learns from Elizabeth that Melissa was born out of wedlock. Later after dinner Elizabeth asks her mother what a “lovechild” is. She explains that she heard Corabeth use the term to describe Melissa. Daisy feels the urge to run off to New York again to flee such opinions but Olivia tells her that no matter where she goes their will always be a “Corabeth Godsey” and that it is better to deal with the issue head on.

Later that night Jason and Boone return home drunk and singing Boone’s song. John goes outside to send Jason to bed and to have words with Boone. John tells the old man that he doesn’t want him to outstay his welcome or to get his son drunk. Boone retorts that he "don’t need to be told where his place is".

The next day Boone is not to be found. Jason drives down the road and finds him near a government progress sign just as Boone blows a hole through it with his shotgun. Boone leaves Jason and heads on down the road towards town.

Olivia takes Daisy to the Godsey’s store to do some shopping and to speak to Corabeth about her outspoken opinion of Daisy and her “lovechild”. Olivia helps Corabeth to understand by relating her situation of raising Aimee who they get from an orphanage without knowing the past of their child and not concerned about what mistakes might have been made when she came into the world. Corabeth understands and has a change of heart and welcomes Daisy and her daughter to the community.

After having sold his shotgun for money Boone comes back to the Walton house and gives Jason the $100 court fee in return for his freedom to go live his remaining days hidden deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains were the authorities will never find him. Jason agrees to give him a 24 hour head start before reporting his disappearance to the authorities. Just as he is about to leave Daisy comes down from the porch and gives his a tender goodbye kiss. Boone asks that if she were ever to be up in the mountains that she should pick a wild rose in remembrance of him.


  "The Law never did catch Boone, from time to time he would slip back to visit us. He was always loved and respected as the last Walton who's ways were swiftly vanishing and who's secrets were revealed only to Jason. Boone Walton was killed by a truck while crossing the highway one dark night. He was 87 years old, and was carrying 2 gallons of moonshine."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Boone Walton first appeared in "The Conflict" (s3-ep1)
  • Boone sold his shotgun at a pawnshop to pay back Jason the money he owes for his bail money.

Additional Cast:



Guest star: Morgan Woodward (Boone Walton) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth), Rachel Longaker (Aimee Godsey), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily), Ford Raineey (Judge), Deirdre Lenihan (Daisy Garner), Brandi Tucker (Melissa)

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