Ep.15 - The Elopement

  Original Airdate: January 13, 1977
Writers:Hindi Brooks
Director: Harry Harris


  Chad Marshall returns to the mountain with plans to build a cabin and marry Erin. Ike relies on Jason to watch the store while he is away. Maude Gormley turns her passion into a money maker and pay off her debt to Jason and Ike.


  "Of all the people who's lives touched ours on Walton's Mountain, my sister Erin remembers most vividly a young forestry student who visited us briefly in the summer of 1936. He was her first love. In the spring of 1937 with the blossoming of the dogwood, Chad Marshall returned."



John-Boy meets Chad Marshall on the road to Rockfish. Chad has bought land on the mountain and plans to build a cabin and work the land. He offers to pick Erin up from work and bring her back home.

Chad excitedly shows Erin the land that he has bought. He has decided to leave school and pursue his dreams. He also tells her that he has come for her as well.

With the help of Blue the mule and a sled. Erin helps Chad collect stones for the foundation of his cabin. That night they dance in the family living room to the radio. He sings to her while Elizabeth watches them from the kitchen.

The next day they go off for a picnic and Chad proposes to Erin.

Erin and Chad asks her parents for permission to marry. They use the reason that Erin is the same age as her mother and Chad is one year older than her Daddy when they got married. Erin is sixteen and her parents want her to finish school first before she moves on to the next stage of her life.

John-Boy finds Erin crying in his office. He tries to reason with her but she feels that everyone is against them. Chad and Erin make plans to elope.

Chad arrives at Erin’s house and she climbs out her bedroom window and down a ladder with her suitcase. They go to see Rev. Caldwell. He wonders why a Baptist daughter is coming to a Methodist minister to be married in the middle of the night. He tells them that they will need her parents signature until she turns 18. They leave but the Reverend heads over to the Walton’s house and informs John and Olivia of the elopement plans. Erin and Chad head to the Justice of the Peace in Rockfish. It is late and the JP and his wife are in house robes and yawning. It is not at all what she expected and she stops the proceedings. Her parents arrive and discover that the marriage hasn't happened.

Secondary Story:


Ike asks John-Boy if he’ll watch the store for him for $2 a day. Corabeth, Ike and Aimee are off to visit relatives in Doe Hill. John-Boy is too busy but suggests that Jason could use the money for his school tuition and has the same school break. Ike isn't too convinced that Jason has enough business sense but accepts when John-Boy says that he’ll take responsibility and stop in from time to time.

Maude Gormley arrives at Ike’s store on Abel Bingley’s Ice Wagon. She racks up $2.10 worth of paint and bird seed in Ike’s store but insists that she has a charge account. Jason is unsure about how to handle he request as Ike had stated that it was cash and carry.

Maude returns for more items and racks up another $4.70 to her bill. Ike calls the store to see how Jason is doing. Ike tells him that he is absolutely not to give Maude any credit. She already owes more than $20.

John-Boy goes to see Maude about her store debt. She doesn't have the money but offers her paintings up for sale. She has been painting birds with the paint she has taken from the store. When Ike returns after his week in Doe Hill he learns that Maude has sold 2 paintings for $10 allowing Jason to recover the money that she has charged to the store.


  "Erin came home and finished high school and spent most of her free time helping Chad build his cabin. And a fine cabin it was, built with careful loving hands and sitting proud on the land with the front porch facing the mountain."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:


Additional Cast:



Michael O'Keefe (Chad Marshall), Merie Earle (Maude Gormley), Vernon Weddle (Reverend Caldwell), David Hooks (Andrew Farrell), David Clarke (Abel Bingley),Hank Stohl (Radio Announcer)


Music from this episode:

Chad sings to Erin while they dance to music on the radio


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