Ep.3 - The Comeback

  Original Airdate: October 7, 1976
Writer: Seth Freeman
Director: Harvey S. Laidman



Jason needs to find $300 to cover his tuition at the Kleinberg Conservatory of music. He gets a job playing piano at the Dew Drop Inn. He also convinces Red Turner to pick up the guitar and perform again after the death of his son Seth.

Cissy Walker romantically pursues Yancy Tucker.


  "While the Great Depression was a time of constant trial and struggle on Waltons Mountain those were, in some ways, easier more simple years, for we knew what the challenge was and what we had to do to meet it. But, one time in 1937 when my brother Jason faced an unusual situation, he found that the answers were not quite as simple as they seemed."



John-Boy waits for Jason who is late to leave for school at the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music.

When Jason arrives at his school he learns from Professor Thaxton that due to cutbacks his scholarship has been cancelled and he needs to earn $300 to continue his classes. Later when he thinks about his dilemma by Drucilla’s Pond. Yancy arrives to do more fishing and he suggests that Jason apply for a job as a piano player at the Dew Drop Inn on Route 29. The owner thinks that he is too young and inexperienced but when he belts out the “Beer Barrel Polka” on the piano he is given a chance at the job.

Jason begins his stint at the Dew Drop Inn which includes drinking the beer that lands him in bed with a hangover. When Elizabeth tries to wake him the next morning he gets heck from his mother for his fowl mouth and attitude.

Olivia and Esther run into Wilma Turner at Ike’s store. They mention that they haven't heard Red play on the radio lately. She tells them that Red has given up playing music since his son Seth passed away. Olivia later mentions to Jason that maybe he could make more money playing with Red than at the roadhouse.

Jason plays on the wooden recorder in his bedroom that Seth Turner had made for him before he died. His father comes in to see Jason and after talking about Red’s depression, John decides to pay Red a visit and invites him out for a drink at the Dew Drop Inn. They arrive while Jason is playing at the tavern. Red is unsure about his surroundings. He gets up and tells John that it is not for him and exits leaving John to finish his beer with Tom a regular customer at the Dew Drop. John comes home wobbly legged from the tavern. Olivia has been sleeping on the couch waiting for him to come home. She asks about Jason and Red’s well-being. She doesn't need to ask how John is as it is quite obvious by his behavior what state he is in.

Jason makes a heartfelt speech and introduction to convince Red to come up to the stage and perform for a crowd once again. He reluctantly joins him and plays a sorrowful rendition of "Nobody's Darlin' But Mine".

Secondary Story:


Yancy Tucker arrives with a fresh catch of fish for Olivia and ask John if he can stay in their barn for a few days because he claims that a skunk has invaded his home and won't leave.

The waitress at the Dew Drop Inn, Sissy Walker, learns that Yancy has been seen at the Waltons house and she drives over there to find him. She announces that they are engaged but Yancy is deliberately hiding from her.

Sissy then runs into Olivia and Esther at Ike’s store. She states that she loves to knit and sew and plans to knit Yancy a muffler. She knows that Yancy has his funny ways but she loves him just the same. She decides though that maybe the best plan is to run in the other direction for a bit and let him do the chasing for a change. She turns her interests toward John-Boy which causes Yancy some concern.

Yancy goes to see John-Boy in his office for advice above love and marriage. John-Boy tells him about the fate of fictional people who were in love like Romeo and Juliet and Ulysses and Penelope. Yancy figures it's time to confront Cissy and talks to her at the Dew Drop. He convinces her that his intentions are serious and she accepts him back.

Yancy and Sissy stop by the Walton’s to announce their formal if not “extended” engagement plans. Inside the house they can hear Jason and Red playing together on their guitars.


  "It wasn't long before Red was playing again, pleasing audiences with his old skill and a new, more mellow kind of song. Jason had earned enough to scrape together a first downpayment at school, but making those tuition payments remained a constant problem and a challenge for him."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Country singer Merle Haggard guest stars in the role as Red Turner.
  • Ken Swofford played the role of Red Turner in "The Gift" (s2-ep18)
  • "Nobody's Darlin' But Mine" was written in 1937 and performed by Country artist Jimmie Davis. As this episode takes place in the year 1937 it would have been consider a hot hit at the time. Davis also served for two nonconsecutive terms from 1944 to 1948 and from 1960 to 1964 as the governor of his native Louisiana. He is also famous for popularizing the song "You Are My Sunshine".
  • This is our first look at the Dew Drop Inn which will become a regular location on the show.
  • Jon Walmsley (Jason Walton) wrote the songs 'Ho-down' and 'Ironing Board Blues.
  • Although the character of Cissy Walker played by a different actress appeared in "The Chicken Thief" (s2-ep6) this is her first regular appearance as Yancy's love interest who will go on to become his wife.
  • Jim-Bob begins to build his rust bucket car out of odds and ends and old parts.

Additional Cast:



Guest star: Merle Haggard (Red Turner), Pat Quinn (Wilma Turner) with: Cissy Wellman (Cissy Walker), Jay Robinson (Professor Thaxton), Dorothy Shay (Thelma), Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Robert Donner (Yancy Tucker)


Music from this episode:

Jason plays "Roll Out the Barrel" when he auditions at the Dew Drop Inn
Jason plays "Baby" at the Dew Drop Inn
Jason plays the Hoedown song at the Dew Drop Inn
Jason has a hard time getting out of bed the next morning
Theme heard as company arrives
Common scene change theme
Theme heard while Jason waits to speak to Red Turner
Jason plays "Beautiful Dreamer" on the recorder that Seth Turner made for him
John takes Red to the Dew Drop Inn, Jason plays the saloon piano and then John wobbles back home after having a few
Jason plays "Oh My Darling, Clemintine" at the Dew Drop Inn
Jason plays "The Ironing Board Blues" at the Dew Drop Inn
Red Turner (Merle Haggard) sings "Nobody's Darling"
Red Turner and Jason play "Beautiful Dreamer" and some blues



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