Ep.22 - The House

  Original Airdate: February 19, 1976
Writer: Kirby Timmons
Director: Harvey S. Laidman



Grandma is upset to learn that a historic house that holds special memories for her is scheduled to be torn down that and Grandpa has won the contract to do the work.

Jason is asked to perform a classical piece for a school recital.


  "On Waltons Mountain the changing of the seasons marked the rapid day-to-day growth of the younger members of our family. With all the process of change there were lasting values in our lives, as enduring as the mountain itself. But there came a time when our values were tested by events which came upon us without warning."



John-Boy and his family install a lightning rod on the roof of their home. Grandma then asks to go into town with him to do some price comparison shopping. They drive down Jefferson Street in Rockfish and she asks him to stop and let her out at the old Whitley House where the County Supervisor is hanging a demolition sign. The Baldwin sisters are there and the women all protest it’s demolition, stating that it should be restored, not torn down. The worker explains that the house was put up for sale to cover the back taxes but there were no buyers so the county is now tearing it down. The Baldwins remember when it was a tavern and their father would go ther to visit his “female cousins”. Grandma remembers a very special event happening under the stained glass window in the front of the house. John-Boy suggests that they could petition the County to prevent it from being torn down.


Later after dinner, Grandpa arrives home to announce that he has won the contract to tear down the Whitley House. Grandma is beside herself and asks him to not take the contract but he refuses as he plans to claim all of the good valuable wood from the home.


Mr. Johnson, the owner of The Jefferson County Times, asks John-Boy if he would write his first editorial on the Whitley house. Mr. Johnson is thinking bout selling the paper and moving to Florida. He wants John-Boy to write a story about the heated debate and passion for the Whitley House.


The Baldwins and Esther hold their petition rally at the Whitley house. John-Boy watches and collects notes for his story from the other side of the street. Grandpa arrives and upsets the Baldwins when they learn that he will be the one to tear down the house they are trying to save.


John-Boy visits the Whitley house with Jim-Bob and discovers his inspiration for his article. Jim-Bob on the other hand is happy to leave as he has been spooked by the empty old house. His editorial is published and the family asks him to read it for them. Although his story is balanced it continues to keep a rift between his Grandparents.


While the family is away at Jason’s recital Grandpa is busy hammering away in his bedroom. When Esther returns she discovers that he has installed the old stained glass window from the Whitley house into their bedroom. She is pleased that he hasn’t forgotten their first memories together. Zeb had played the banjo and sang “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” to Esther on the porch of the old Whitley House followed by their first kiss.

Secondary Story:


Jason arrives home with news that he has been chosen for the advanced music theory class. Grandma says that she prefers the old country dance tunes instead of the high falootin classical music that he has to study. At the School of Conservatory Jason is asked to learn the piano part of a Haydn concerto for an upcoming recital. He is partnered with Hollis who will perform the violin part. During rehearsal they struggle to perform the concerto. While Jason tries to practice at home Grandma asks if he would play from an old sheet music that she favors but he is too busy practising to fulfill her request. At the recital Hollis and Jason realize that another student has purposely misplaced their music and Hollis is unable to perform without it. Jason has Grandma’s sheet music in his guitar case and they perform old “classical” Virginia tunes much to her delight.



"The window was just the beginning. My father and grandfather parceled out the doors and mantels and paneling of the old Whitby house to our friends and neighbors. Somehow that bit of history in each of their homes brought us all a little closer together."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Miss Mamie's full name is Mamie Eudora Winfield Baldwin
  • Miss Emily is president of the Historical Society and Miss Mamie is the Vice-President.

Additional Cast:


Jay Robinson (Professor Thaxton), Walter Brooke (Mr. Johnson), Rusty Keller (Hollis), Bill Sorrells (Mr. Wheeler), Sherry Hursey (Felicia), Jane Lambert (The Secretary)


Music from this episode:

Grandma tries to play "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" by ear on the piano
Jason and Hollis rehearse a classical piece for their professor
Jason and Hollis perform "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" and "(Get Along Home) Cindy" at their recital.


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