Ep.4 - The Premonition

  Original Airdate: December 25, 1980
Writer: E.F.Wallengren
Director: Bernard McEveety


  Cindy has a premonition that Ben is in danger. John-Boy meets a French woman that wants his help to write a story about the dangers of landmines.


  "The war with Germany had ended, but the fight raged on in the Pacific where our younger brother Ben was still serving in a combat zone. Our family was especially concerned about Ben's wife Cindy. As the rumors of an up coming invasion of Japan grew, so did her fears about Ben, fears which took on a chilling significance."



Cindy has a nightmare that Ben has been surrounded by the enemy with guns and bayonets. She screams and awakens the family who rush to her aid. She believes that Ben was actually at the foot of her bed and the other men were in her room as well. They take her into the main house for the rest of the night.

Simone Berringer, a Parisian women comes to visit John-Boy at his office in Paris working for the Stars and Stripes newspaper. She has read his novel and asks if he will write an article about the abandoned minefields located all over France. She says that he has a real feeling for people and that there is no one better to write the story than him. He apologizes and says that he is too busy as he expects to be discharged any day. Before she leaves he invites her to dinner but she has no interest in stopping such a busy man and his work.

Cindy stops in to Ike’s store to see if there is any mail from Ben. She asks Corabeth if she has ever had any premonitions to which she states that she had an Aunt who had a premonition that her grandmother had died and in reality she had died at that precise moment. Ike asks if Cindy had a letter to mail to Ben but she says that she hadn’t written one.

Ben and Norm are surveying an area near their camp and plan to return now that it is getting dark. His friend feels that it is safe as it was already cleared by the Marines but Ben is not so sure. As they walk away 2 Japanese watch them from the undergrowth.

Late that night John-Boy finds the bookshop that Simone works at and knocks on the door. As she lives in the back she comes to the door in her housecoat. He hopes that she will reconsider his offer to dinner but as he hasn’t changed his mind to write her article she refuses even when he offers her chocolates.

The next day John-Boy meets Jason for lunch. He has ordered 2 peanut butter and jam sandwiches as he is not much for foreign food. He expects to be sent to the Pacific. John-Boy wants to be discharged in Paris so that he can write a novel about the war.

At home Daddy reads John-Boy’s letter explaining as such to the family. Elizabeth is upset by the news and decides to write a letter back to him stating how she feels. Mary Ellen convinces her otherwise saying that it must be hard for him to make such a decision and that he needs their support.

Jason and John-Boy walk through the countryside after an unsuccessful fishing trip. They pass a family who are on a picnic with their children. Their little boy is killed when he runs over a land mine. John-Boy goes to see Simone and says that he will now write her story.

While working in the kitchen Cindy sees an image of Ben on the staircase. She is distraught and Erin and Rose convince her to take a rest at a relative’s in Richmond. She catches the bus at Ike’s where Corabeth tries to gather some gossip.

Ben continues to survey the jungle for a new road. One of his crew members sees the hidden Japanese soldiers who are watching them is is attacked. The enemy makes their move and captures Ben and Norm as prisoners.

John-Boy meets Simone in a cafe and tells her that he will learn how to diffuse a land mine in order to have a better understanding for his story. He brings her some chicken eggs which were very hard to find. He tells her that he is serious about staying in Paris to write his novel. Part of the reason that he wanted interested initially in writing her story was that he wanted to get started on his. He now is even more interested to stay since he met her. They go for a walk that night to her favorite park where she introduces him to a a puppeteer who is fast asleep on a park bench with an empty bottle of wine, his puppet show booth and a water fountain. He sneaks into the puppet show booth and puts on a show for her until a police officer takes an interest in his shenanigans. They return to her book shop where she says that they are not going to fall in love with each other. They kiss close the door to the shop.

John-Boy reports to an area that is having land mines defused. He is talked through how to diffuse one and learns that it is a dud used for training. Being extremely nervous he failed to properly diffuse it and would be dead if it had been real.

Ike and Corabeth deliver a telegram addressed to Cindy to Rose back at the house. They hop that it isn’t bad news. Rose is so upset that she can’t finish making dinner leaving the rest of the family to finish including Jim-Bob who is on 3 day leave from Fort Langley.

John-Boy and Simone arrive at his office to work on the story. He finds a letter for him from Elizabeth. He reads it to Simone. She sees the connection between the two of them, the first and last born.

John brings Cindy back from Richmond. Rose gives her the telegram and she asks John to read it. They learn that Ben has been taken prisoner.

The family sit on the porch reflecting on Ben’s situation. Cindy comes out and reads a letter that she got from Ben written 3 weeks before. He says that he keeps having a dream of arriving in Norfolk and seeing Cindy and Virginia waiting for him on the dock. She believes that both of their premonitions have and will come true.

John-Boy arrives at Simone’s store a few days after his story was published. He tells her that his brother Ben has been captured by the Japanese. John-Boy asks her to marry him and to come back to the States.

Jason and he troop are sent to diffuse land minds after their commanding officer reads John-Boy’s article.

John-Boy meets Simone at their fountain. She says she is needed in Paris and he is needed back home. Elizabeth runs to see John-Boy when he finally returns home to the mountain.


  "Simone and I corresponded after I came home but gradually the time between letters grew longer and longer. The next time I went back to Paris was in 1956. Simone's bookstore was gone and so was she. Someone on the street thought she may have married and moved to London, but I never did find out for sure."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • John-Boy develops an interest in Simone Berringer. They spend time in a park with a water fountain in Paris. This is the same fountain that was made for famous in the opening credits of the TV show Friends. You can see the fountain here on the location page.

Additional Cast:



Guest Stars: Anita Jodelsohn (Simone Berringer) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth), Leslie Winston (Cindy), Peggy Rae (Rose), Claire and Elizabeth Schoene (Virginia), Robert Wightman (John-Boy), Jordon Suffin (Norman), Ed Call (Sergeant Norton), Woody Eney (Major Sawyer), Patrick Skelton (Soldier), Roger Etienne (French Man), Danielle Aubry (French Woman)

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