Ep.22 - The Hiding Place

  Original Airdate: March 3, 1977
Writer: John McGreevey
Director: Walter Alzmann



An American relative of the Baldwins who has lived for the past years in Germany arrives on the mountain.

Jim-Bob is interested in buying an old horn for his car.


  "Although the years of my boyhood and youth on Walton's Mountain were a time of uncertainty and desperation for millions, somehow in our home we were sustained by a sense of being safe and secure. And then, a visitor came into our world, and though she tried to close the door against the storm that was sweeping across Europe, the force of it was felt even on Walton's Mountain."



The Waltons have been invited to a reception at the Baldwin ladies house to greet a visiting cousin, Hilary Von Kleist from Germany. Jason plays a piece of Schubert’s at the gathering. The Baldwin’s brag that their cousin Hilary can speak 5 languages. While Hilary is an American, her husband is German and she is somewhat evasive on her plans during her visit as well as her thoughts on the activities of the Nazi party in Europe.

After the reception, Jason asks to borrow the truck so that he can attend a drill and join the National Guard. His mother is dead set against it but his father says he will have a word with her. She is afraid that the same activities are happening that led them into the last war when John lost his brother Ben.

The next morning the family listens to a speech by Roosevelt on the radio about preparedness for the events developing in Europe. At breakfast the topic of Jason’s desire to join the National Guard comes up again. Jason says that he wants to be prepared to protect what is his and she quips back that she wants to protect what is her’s as well. In the end she says that he can do what he wants but not to expect her blessing.

John-Boy arrives at the Baldwin’s house with hopes to interview Hilary for his newspaper but is told that she is not well enough to receive guests. She is in fact avoiding the confrontation that she expects with his questioning about her thoughts of the events in Europe.

Corabeth has arranged for Hilary to speak at the women’s club where she shares her experiences of living for the past 17 years in Germany. John-Boy is frustrated that she avoids the important issues affecting Germany instead she focusses on cultural activities like music, opera and Oktoberfest. When the time comes for questions from the audience John-Boy is unable to get answers to his questions. When he pushes for more answers during refreshments she excuses herself stating that she has grown tired. Back home John-Boy agrees to apologize and invite Hilary to his family’s home for dinner. She accepts and hopes to hear Jason play the piano again. Jason however has plans to attend his first drill with the National Guard. His mother is upset that he is unwilling to be present and play at her request.

Hilary and the Baldwin’s arrive at the Walton’s for dinner. Jason plays the piano as she walks into the room. Hilary faints as soon as she sees him wearing his National Guard uniform. Curt reports that she has gone into shock.

John-Boy learns that her husband was an important official and newspaper publisher and that they have one son.

Jason talks to his mother while she makes bread in the kitchen. She is having a hard time dealing with the fact that her boys may end up going off to war.

John-Boy asks Jason to join him at the Baldwin’s. Curt and John-Boy believe that maybe his music can wake Hilary from her trance. The idea works and she comes down from her bedroom. Hilary thanks John-Boy and Jason for helping her to realize that despite her efforts to hide from the affects of the Nazi party she realizes that she can’t hide any longer. She tells them the story of how her son Peter was beaten and killed while trying to protect three elderly Jewish men who had been printing a subversive newspaper. She realizes that her place is back in Germany by her husband’s side.

Secondary Story:


Jim-Bob attracts the attention of a number of his family when he honks the horn from an old Rolls Royce car that he has made plans to buy for $8 from the junk dealer. Even Chance the cow is moved by the sound of the horn.

Jim-Bob comes to the realization that he cannot afford the car horn and plans to return it the Syke’s Junk store. He honks the horn as he walks through Rockfish and attracts a large crowd that follows him to the Junk Dealer’s.

The family is surprised to learn that Jim-Bob hasn’t returned his noisy car horn to the junk dealer. He has instead gotten a job repeating his stunt a few times each week walking around Rockfish honking the horn and wearing a wooden billboard telling people to buy Syke’s junk until he has earned enough commission to pay off the horn.


  "Hilary did return to Europe, letters were exchanged and then Vienna fell. Our letters came back stamped - 'Address unknown'. Hilary, her husband, and the others who stood against the Nazis couldn't stem the tide. Other Americans did go to Europe, to Africa, to Asia, and found the same courage that carried Hilary Baldwin von Kleist out of the sanctuary of Walton's Mountain and back into the heart of battle."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Guest actress Jean Marsh, starred in and co-produced the 1970's British series Upstairs, Downstairs.

Additional Cast:



Guest Stars: Jean Marsh (Hilary Von Kleist) with: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Tom Bower (Curtis Willard), Joe Cala (Newscaster), Walter Edminston (Extra Voices)

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