Ep.9 - The Emergence

  Original Airdate: November 6, 1975
Writer: Hindi Brooks
Director: Alf Kjellin


  Olivia is engaged as a substitute teacher at the school house and helps a student who needs some special attention. John-Boy braces himself for the return of his high school sweetheart Marcia Wollery.


  "In 1935 life on Walton's Mountain began to change, our activities took us more and more away from home and it was only knowing most of us would all be there again at night that helped us keep the family ties that had always been our strength. To help pay back the money we had borrowed from the bank, my father had taken a job in Norfolk, and when possible he returned home on weekends. My mother, under the additional pressures of being a substitute teacher found her life changed, and these changes took some getting used to for all of us."


  John is away working in Norfolk to help pay for the loan on the new mill. Olivia has been filling in as a substitute teacher to cover for Mrs. Fordwich. Mr. Gordon, the assistant superintendent arrives to check up on the class and Mrs. Walton. The class is a little unruly and disorganized but Mr. Gordon is impressed with her teaching methods. An older student, Samuel Miller, arrives late for for school announcing that the corn harvesting is now done. Olivia has never seen this student before as he is away often helping on the family farm. He is slow and behind in his studies and the children make fun of him calling him “Simple Miller”. Mr. Gordon advises Olivia that she shouldn't spend time on the boy believing that he is beyond help. He evens goes as far as involving the superintendent of schools Mrs. Maryweather, but Olivia won't allow them to stop her from doing what she believes is right. The next day she discovers that he may have a vision problem. It is also brought to her attention that Jim-Bob and Elizabeth are affected by the attention she is giving to the other students. They are not used to sharing her with others. Olivia visits with Samuel’s parents to inquire about whether they can afford prescription glasses for him. His father thinks very little of his sons prospects and prefer him helping on the farm. Eventually he concedes and allows her to take Samuel to the 5 & Dime store to look for glasses that may suit him. When he finally finds a pair that work, a whole new world is opened up to him.

Secondary Story:

  John-Boy receives a letter from Marcia Wollery asking him to pick her up at the bus station. John-Boy is unsure of her intentions. She has been away at school for the past year. She immediately sends John-Boy flirtatious and mixed signals but in truth she is engaged to Frank Taylor. She has come back to sell the family property since her father passed away. She wants to use the sale of the property to help her fiancĂ©’s investments. Marcia and Frank stop by the Walton’s house that evening. He runs his father's gas station and brags of his plans to increase business. He is quite arrogant and demeaning towards Marcia and women in general. He asks if Olivia would vouch for Marcia so that she can sell the property sooner than is scheduled. The next day John-Boy meets with Marcia at a diner in Charlottesville to talk about her intentions. She tells him about her difficulties in making any upward progress in her job at a department store. She feels that she is not smart enough to make a career for herself and therefore needs to marry into success. John-Boy asks her to a college dance and she makes a positive impression on his school friends. On the way home Frank finds them and punches John-Boy and takes back her ring and breaks off their engagement. Grandpa discovers that there was still a mortgage owing on her old home which had been foreclosed leaving Marcia with no inheritance. Her fiancĂ© is no longer interested in her now that he knows that she has no money. John-Boy then takes Marcia Tia store in Charlottesville that is hiring sales clerks. Not only does she get the job but she also gets a date with the manager. John-Boy is bewildered by her ways but it's just as well that he not be the one trapped in her web.


  "Samuel Miller continued on in Walton's Mountain School learning more and more every day. My mother was very proud of him and of herself. Marcia Woolery became a good sales clerk and when she did marry it was not out of desperation but out of love."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Olivia will return to teaching in "A Walton Easter" (Special#6)
  • Mary Ellen makes a reference to the famous female spy Mata Hari.
  • This episode has a few unique camera viewpoints and compositions most likely due to choices by director Alf Kjellin

Additional Cast:


Tammi Bula (Marcia Wollery), Bob Marsic (Samuel), Don Hammer (Mr. Gordon), Sam Gilman (Mr. Miller), Deborah Newman (Gloria), Joel Kimmel (Randolph), Cindy Eilbacher (Martha Rose), Jackie Earle Haley (Tom), Penelope Sudrow (Annie), Mavis Neal Palmer (Mrs. Meriwether), Jan Burrell (Mrs. Miller), Damon Douglas (Eubank), Ric Militi (Ira), John Walsh (Employment Manager)

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