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Mary Ellen Walton

Mary Ellen, the oldest daughter is a strong-willed and hot-headed tom boy. She's more comfortable with a baseball glove than a new dress but she does care about attracting the opposite sex. As a young teenager she has aspirations to travel and see the world. She feels that life keeps passing her by. She is frustrated that as a girl she doesn't get to have the same opportunities as boys. She decides to become a nurse and falls in love with Dr. David Spencer before calling off the engagement when a new doctor arrives in town. Mary Ellen marries Dr. Curtis Willard and they have 1 child, John Curtis, before he is lost and presumed dead after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Eventually she remarries Arlington Westcott Jones "Jonesy" and together they have 2 children, Clay and Katie. Mary Ellen decides to then study to become a doctor and she delivers 2 of Jason's children.

Featured storylines "The Hunt" (s1-ep4)
"The Typewriter" (s1-ep5) "The Dust Bowl Cousins" (s1-ep12)
"The Minstrel" (s1-ep14) "The Easter Story" (s1-ep24)
"The Thanksgiving Story" (s2-ep10) "The Bequest" (s2-ep12)
"The Bequest" (s2-ep12) "The Awakening" (s2-ep15)
"The Romance" (s3-ep5) "The Ring" (s3-ep6)
"The Competition" (s4-ep08) "The Nurse" (s4-ep13)
"The Quilting" (s4-ep21) "The Vigil" (s5-ep2)
"The Wedding" (s5-ep7) "The Cloudburst" (s5-ep8)
"The Inferno" (s5-ep19) "The Grandchild" (s6-ep7)
"The Children's Carol" (s6-ep11) "The Anniversary" (s6-ep17)
"The Empty Nest" (s7-ep01) "The Obsession" (s7-ep4)
"The Day of Imfamy" (s7-ep10) "The Pin-up" (s7-ep17)
"The Tailspin" (s7-ep22)  

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  Mary Ellen's Love Interests:

G.W. Haines
Jamie the Minstrel
Don Millmen
Kevin Sturges
Todd Clark
Dr. David Spencer
Dr. Curtis Willard
Eddie Ramirez
Arlington Westcott Jones

Judy Norton-Taylor

Born: January 29, 1958

Judy Norton began acting at the age of 6 and was cast as Mary Ellen at the age of 13. She has been married 3 times. Since the Waltons, Judy has been involved in the theatre and spent 8 years as the co-artistic director for 2 theatres in Canada – CELEBRATIONS in Winnipeg and JUBILATIONS in Edmonton. Judy is very athletic and has earned two skydiving world records. She has been involved in competitive horse jumping, skiing, tennis, roller derby, and has trained as a trapeze artist and wingwalking. She competed 3 times on Battle of the Network Stars. Not one to slow down or be defined by her past Judy has recently focussed on a singing career.



Read her detailed biography on her site.

Further Reading & Links:



Here are a few images for those of you wondering how Judy Norton became Judy Norton-Taylor. In 1976, at the age of 19, Judy married a young singer-musician named Douglas Taylor. It was short-lived and the couple divorced in 1978.



Judy was very active with appearances in game show and Network specials. She competed in 3 "Battle of the Network Stars" contests which motivated sports announcer Howard Cosell to title her as one the the “best (female) celebrity athletes” the show had seen.

Various Appearances
Family Feud, 1976
The (New) $25,000 Pyramid, 1978 - 1980, 10 episodes
Password Plus, 1979 - 1982 - 8 episodes
Chain Reaction, 1980 - 15 episodes
Battle of the Network Stars VIII, 1979
Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes, 1979-80
Battle of the Network Stars IX, 1980
Battle of the Network Stars X, 1981

Circus of the Stars #8, 1983
Circus of the Stars #9, 1984
Super Password, 1984 - 4 episodes

Judy Norton Baseball 1979
Judy playing baseball in 1979


Judy's December 1980 appearance on Battle of the Network Stars

Still very active Judy enjoys competitive horse jumping.

Judy spent 8 years as the co-artistic director for 2 theatres in Canada – CELEBRATIONS in Winnipeg and JUBILATIONS in Edmonton. During this time she collaborated as a writer / director on more than 40 shows. These shows have also been produced in various theatres across Western Canada

For many years Judy has been a member of the artistic team of Texas Family Musicals where she regularly guests as a writer, director and performer; most recently directing productions of A CHORUS LINE, ALL SHOOK UP and RED SKELTON’S AMERICAN WAY .

In 2014 Judy wrote the original two character show MOMENTS REMEMBERED which premiered at the Palace Theatre starring Judy and Don Most (of Happy Days fame)

Judy Norton & Donny Most

In recent years Judy has taken an active interest in vocal performance.

Judy Norton Singing


Judy released a 2015 CD of songs featuring selections from popular music, standards and Broadway musicals.

Judy Norton Reflections  

Learn more about this album on her
Judy Norton's website.


When you order this hard copy CD from her website it will be autographed.

Visit Judy Norton's Store

You can can also buy a digitial version from iTunes, Amazon or CD BABY


You can read a review of the album HERE

Watch an interview with Judy on "The Red Booth" from October 2013. A behind the scenes look at a film she appears in and wrote "Finding Harmony" is featured at the end of the interview.


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