Ep.10 - The Silver Wings

  Original Airdate: November 29, 1979
Writer: Michael McGreevey
Director: Stan Latham



Jim-Bob becomes infatuated with an older woman. Serena needs the family’s help to earn badges for her girl’s club.


  "As World War Two continued, more and more American families felt the pain of separation from their loved ones. With no end in sight they could only wait and pray for the day their friends and relatives would come home safely. During this time my brother Jim Bob eagerly waited for his chance to join in the fight, and while he waited, he fell in love."



Jim-Bob has a job driving mail to remote homes on the mountain for Ike. He takes mail to Mrs. Randolph who has moved into the old Randolph place. The property is run down. Jim-Bob knocks over the mailbox and steps through a board on the porch. Jim-Bob finds Mrs. Randolph a pretty, slender woman washing her hair on the side of the cabin. She hopes that he has mail from her husband who is overseas serving in the war.

Betsy tells Jim-Bob about her husband Matt a major who flies a B-15 in the war. She lends he a scrapbook of her husband’s full of plane photos and information. As he leaves he backs into her fence knocking it down. He promises to return the next day to repair it.

Elizabeth asks Jim-Bob when he will take her bowling but he is too busy helping Mrs. Randolph.

Jim-Bob helps around Betsy’s cabin. She invites him to dinner. In return he buys her an expensive bottle of perfume which Corabeth raises her concern with his father.

John confronts Jim-Bob in his room as he prepares to go to Betsy’s for dinner. Jim-Bob says that he can handle himself and asks his Daddy if he doesn’t trust him.

At dinner Jim-Bob gives Betsy the perfume She is taken back by the present and says that she can’t accept it. She feels that they have spent too much time together and that she has given him the wrong impression. He makes his excuses and leaves. When he finally arrives home his father confronts him Jim-Bob admits that he had fallen in love with the married woman. John feels that he will have enough pain without giving him further punishment.

Jim-Bob apologizes to Elizabeth and makes a plan to take Elizabeth bowling. Betsy arrives and introduces herself to John and asks to speak to Jim-Bob. He reluctantly tells her that he is behind the barn working on his plane engine. She speaks with Jim-Bob and invites him for a surprise.

They go out to a field for a picnic. Just as Jim-Bob wonders why they are there a biplane lands and takes him on a surprise flight that Betsy has arranged through a friend of her husband’s. On the way home they sing and he says that they are best of friends.

The next day Jim-Bob arrives at Ike’s to take mail up yo Betsy but learns that the Godsey’s already delivered it because a telegram arrived to inform her that her husband had been killed in the line of duty. Jim-Bob goes up to console her.

Jim-Bob arrives at Betsy’s but she sits in a state of shock. He tries to reach through to her and ends up waiting outside for her until she is ready for company.

Betsy leaves the mountain and says goodbye to Jim-Bob outside Ike’s store. She pins a silver wing medallion on his lapel before boarding the bus to the next phase of her life.

Secondary Story:


Jim-Bob gives Serena a ride to her Cadets of the Blue Ridge Girls Club meeting. Corabeth is the leader and she pushes the girls to do better that their previous scrap metal collection project.

Serena has made dinner for the family including cucumber sandwiches to earn her Cooking and Etiquette badges. Daddy volunteers different members of the family to witness the different activities she needs to complete for her badges.

Erin watches Serena try to start a fire by rubbing 2 sticks. She makes her excuses that she needs to return to work and she puts Jeffrey in charge of watching Serena’s progress.

Serena sets up a tent in the front yard so that she can earn her camping badge. Jeffrey showers the tent with the water house claiming to Serena that a cloudburst has happened. John catches him and sends him up to take a bath.

Serena draws a portrait of Jason for her Art badge and then she bandages Jeffrey to a chair for her medical badge.

Serena waits for her Uncle John to return from Charlottesville to go on their promised hike. She becomes impatient and leaves without him.

John and Ben finally arrive home after dark. They were held up by a flat tire. They learn that Serena has not returned from her hike. The family drives up and down the roads looking for her. Serena becomes spooked by noises she hears in the forest and quickly retraces her steps but trips in the dark. John and Ben see her on the side of the road but she refuses to go back in the truck and wants to finish her hike. John asks if he can join her the rest of the way to which she gratefully agrees.


  "Jim Bob was never to see Betsy Randolph again, but their brief friendship was a turning point in his life. No one would ever think of him as a boy again, he had become a man."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • The Writer of this episode, Michael McGreevey, is the son of John McGreevey who has written many Walton episodes. Michael appeared as "Hobie" in "The Braggart" (s2-ep8).

Additional Cast:



Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth), Leslie Winston (Cindy), Peggy Rea (Rose Burton), Keith Mitchell (Jeffrey), Martha Nix (Serena), Patsy Rahn (Betsy Randolph), Odell Burton (Buddy Russell), Michael and Marshall Reed (John Curtis)

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