Ep.4 - The Innocents

  Original Airdate: October 11, 1979
Writer: Juliet Packer
Director: Gwen Arner


  Olivia decides to start a daycare for the children of the Pickett Plant workers. Ike learns to dance for his 5th anniversary with Corabeth.


  "Although we were thousands of miles from the bombs of World War Two, every day there were reminders that the tranquility of our lives had been shattered. As the fighting continued my mother became increasingly restless. She yearned to be active, to make some conrtribution that would bring peace again to the world."



Olivia and Cindy prepare to go to Rockfish to buy some baby clothes. Ben is over protective of Cindy doing too much. As they drive past Ike’s store, two children run in front of their car and are almost hit. Olivia takes the two little boys back to the Pickett Defense Plant where their mother’s are working.

The outside is over run with young children running around with nothing to do at the plant. Olivia goes inside to talk to Erin and ends up grilling J.D. about what he plans to do about all the children. He says that he is too busy trying to "beat Hitler not to babysit children".

Olivia decides to start her own daycare and brings a number of the children to her house. John is a bit skeptical of doing that all again. Problems arise like a little girl looking herself in the bathroom and a little boy banging on the piano but Olivia gets it all under control. She tells then stories and skips rope with them. A little boy runs off while she is preoccupied with the other kids and he sneaks into the mill and turns on one of the power saws. Ben and John discover that the mill door is open. They catch the little boy before hurts himself. Olivia realizes that she can no longer have the children at her home near the dangerous Mill.

J.D. turns one of his buildings in a tavern for his workers. Olivia catches wind of his plan and gives him a piece of her mind. She feels he has a moral obligation to look after the children of his workers instead of taking their work money by selling them alcohol.

Olivia realizes the solution to her problem. She goes down to the Pickett plant, gathers up the children in the parking lot and marches in to the tavern where she announces to J.D. that she intends to use the building as her daycare. He tries to have her thrown out but the men know that they need a daycare more than they need a tavern. J.D. says that he’d rather deal with the whole German Army than have to bargain with Olivia. He finally relents and lets her use the tavern from 7AM to 4PM.

Secondary Story:


Corabeth has on the dress she wore when he proposed to her. Their 5th Wedding Anniversary is soon approaching and she wants to do something romantic but she is frustrated by his lack romantic notions. Aimee and Elizabeth come up with a plan to teach Ike how to dance. They try to make a dance step pattern on some butcher paper. Rose comes in to the kitchen and asks what they are up to. She says she was Queen of the Blue Room Ballroom and that she could teach Ike to dance.

Ike arrives at the Walton’s and Rose teaches him “the butterfly”. The next morning though his sciatic nerve flairs up. When he runs a hot bath to soak Corabeth discovers a handkerchief that belongs to Rose in his back pocket. She smells cheap French perfume and suspects that he is having an affair. John learns of her fears and informs Ike and Rose. Ike is thrilled and wants to delay in telling Corabeth the truth. Rose on the other hand reminisces about her favorite dance partner, Mr. Perkins a traveling salesman from Howardsville, Virginia who gave her that handkerchief.

Aimee and Elizabeth set up a romantic dinner in Godsey’s Hall. Jason brings them a bottle of champagne he procurred from a guard at camp Rockfish. Ike arrives with a present for Corabeth. He finds her in the bedroom packing her suitcase. She calls him a home wrecker, Casanova and philanderer. He tells her to go see Aimee before she leaves. Corabeth marches out to the canteen and sees the beautiful anniversary dinner that has been prepared. Her heart melts and the girls put on a tango album which and Ike and Corabeth dance to complete with a rose between her teeth.


  "The war of the children had been settled, but not the war between my mother and J.D.Pickett. He complained if a baby bottle happened to be left on the bar, she complained if a beer bottle had been left on the floor. Only at the end of the war was peace declared between the two of them."

Episode Notes & Interesting Facts:

  • Rose mentions Mr. Perkins, an old beau and a travelling salesman, who enjoyed dancing, to Ike as she is helping him to learn to dance. Mr. Perkins will be introduced later in this season.
  • Kerry Shear who plays the role of Mrs. Kass is the daughter of actress Pearl Shear who regulary appeared as Zulieka Dunbar. Ralph Waite was also married to Kerry Shear at this time so the actress who played Zuleika was Ralph's mother-in-law for a few years.
  • Early in the episode Corabeth states that the white and cherry patterned dress she has on was the dress she wore when Ike proposed to her when she in fact was wearing a solid rust colored dress in "The Matchmakers" (s3-ep16)

Additional Cast:



Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth), Leslie Winston (Cindy), Peggy Rea (Rose Burton), Keith Mitchell (Jeffrey), Martha Nix (Serena), Lewis Arquette (J.D. Pickett), Rachel Longaker (Aimee Godsey), Kerry Shear (Mrs. Kass), Jennifer Moskow (Ana Mae Kass), Charles Parker (Mr. Swanson), Kimberly Woodward (Bernice Swanson), Gordon Hodgins (Mr. Miller), Tony LaTorre (Charlie), Jason Semeleng (Elwin), Danny Gellis (Rob)


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